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F4 attracts more than 5000 fans, venue couldn’t accommodate it anymore.

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F4 attracts more than 5000 fans, venue couldn’t accommodate it anymore.

China Times
March 20, 2007
Reporter: Huang Ru Ping

F4 will star in a drama and will promote tourism for Taiwan the strategy used is a sightseeing tour! It will be on April 22 it will be for the Japanese and Korean Fans, the travel agencies have presented to the fans an itinerary to visit Taiwan. The venue has a capacity to accommodate 5000 fans and there is no more space. The ministry of communications of the Taiwan is trying to look for another place.

The Taiwan Bureau estimates, as spokespersons, F4 output value to the Japan and Korean tourist will increase 7%, and can attract at least 420 million in business opportunities.

Taiwan Tourism Board International Chief Huang Jing Hui pointed out, F4 fans travel itinerary include accommodation and plane fare prices depend on the type of accommodation. It ranges from 60,000 to 110 thousand yen. The tourism material shows tourist from Japan and Korea will reach up to 9 thousand. Originally the fan meet was intended to be at the Taiwan University Hall but its too small. The Taiwan Tourism Board has requested the agency concerned to finalize the venue by the 26th of this month and the number of people coming from Japan and Korea.

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