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F4 goes to promote in Japan Jerry Yan fans are the most

Source: United Daily News (lian He Bao)
March 7, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

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F4 Vanness Wu (from right) Ken Zhu, Vic Zhou and Jerry Yan took the China Airlines
flight for Tokyo Japan yesterday afternoon to promote tourism

Yesterday at 2:20 pm, F4 Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu met at the Taoyuan Airport and took China Airlines business class flight CI018 bound for Japan as Asian ambassadors of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. With double charms, Jerry's fans were the most, Zaizai in a very short haircut, Ken just bowing and not speaking, while Vanness limps on his injured foot, amidst hundreds of fans and media, with only 10 minutes short walk to wave goodbye to everybody. Jerry and Vanness sat together while Zaizai sat with Ken.

Jerry just discreetly arrived from Japan to watch a stage production, where it created small commotion when he got spotted. Just before he boarded, he left a message in his blog. No wonder his fans love him so much. Media asked him "Are you aware of your big status?" "then fans crowded towards him and answered for him" He's just shy, and also has a lot of thoughts right now"

As early as 10 am, fans have converged at the airport. A fan from Japan followed Vanness in Malaysia and then went to Taiwan. Japanese fans saw Angie Chai and asked her of F4 would have a concert in Japan this year and Angie just shook her head, and disappointed the fans.

F4 will hold a press con on March 7 in Japan and on March 9 in Korea. They will return in Taiwan on March 10 and on Aprill 22 will hold a fan gathering. News releases said that it was intended for Japanese and Korean fans only, creating resentment from other fans. A fan said that over the last 6 years, she has been chasing Jerry's events, and since they are already in Taiwan, why do they limit it to just Korean and Japanese fans, it's really very unfair!

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