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F4 in Japan 2 - More News, Photos, Downloads

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upload of www.happyjerry's TW airport clip:
(credits to mimi and polly27k)
File size: 84 MB
Format: mpg

thanks to welga

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According to today's Lian He Bao, Jerry has the most number of fans and AC also went with F4 to Korea and Japan.
According to this news article (, AC indicates that she is considering to invite Dai S to play in the Tourist Bureau idol drama. I can't help but need to say "Jerry, you are so smart."


The first one who comes out should get the loudest cheer. According to Liberty Times, the reason why ZZ was arranged by the agency to come out first was due to their age, from the youngest to the oldest, that's why Jerry came out the last. Ha! What a lame reason! Liberty Times' reporter asked the 'agencies' why they weren't arranged to come out the other way around, from the oldest to the youngest. What can I say? Not all the people are blind.

thanks to mimi for transferring
you may want to download it using Flashget or Net Transport

there is a picture with Jerry during today's press conference.
thanks auyinling for transferring.
there are 4 clips of Japanese tv posted in this blog

How to download:
1. Where is the link to the download page?

Keep scrolling down, you should see 4 more locations with 'DL". In other words, 4 clips to download in total for now.

2. After you click the link and open the download page, fill in the code, and click 'download' as shown in the picture.
3. Then you will see a number counting backward.
4. When it gets to 0, you will see the message "Click here to download" in Chinese. Left click it to start downloading, or right click and then click "Save target as" to download.

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