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F4 reunion in Japan

Source : Yahoo Taiwan
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Idol Group F4 went to Japan on the 6th in the afternoon. They haven't been together for a long time; the 4 big guys were in a great mood. 東森(Eastern Multimedia Group) took an exclusive picture of F4 before they boarded the plane. Ken Chu went shopping at duty-free stores while he had spare time before boarding; Zai Zai (Vic) and Vanness Wu were conversing with each other. As for Jerry Yan, although he doesn't talk a lot, he still smiled at the camera, showing complete friendliness.

Dressed in casual wear, it's rare for idol group F4 to comfortably make an appearance, so you can see these 4 men are really in a good mood. Despite the fact that they haven't made an appearance together for a long time, their relationship is as close as it used to be when they meet again.

Through evidence provided by the picture taken before F4 boarded the plane, Vanness's happiness is written all over his face. He and Vic were talking and laughing; they seemed to have endless topics. As for Ken Chu, he used the spare time he had before boarding to stroll through the duty-free shops. And 暴龍 (lit. T-rex), also known as Jerry, didn't have a lot to say, but he smiles at the camera.

It didn't matter where F4 went, people would still fight to get a picture. Even before they boarded the plane, the fligh attendant used her cell phone to snap pictures repeatedly. We can only say the Tourist Office has a "good eye" (in other words, has good taste); F4's charm is really irresistible.

F4 first went to Japan to attend a press conference. Next day, they flew out toward Korea, to advertise Taiwan Tourist spots and to meet fans. Four days later, they went back to Taiwan to continue their work in idol drama and commercials. In the second half of the year, there are two international press conference to attend. Next year in April, Japanese and Korean fans can come to Taiwan to a convention for free. This promotion budget is up to 81000 thousand New Taiwan Dollars. The Tourist Office said that this amount of expenses is worth it.

According to the Tourist Office's estimate, F4 as spokespeople in Japan and Korea will raise Tourist Industry GDP of 7%. Using this year's 60 billion industry to calculate, it hopes to bring 4.2 billion worth of business opportunities to Taiwan. The Tourist Office only spent 81 million, that is only a small investement for big earnings.

The Tourist Office found F4 to be spokespeople for Taiwan Tourist spots. The whole promotion plan includes shooting 25 episodes of idol drama. It also invited Meteor Garden's producer, Angie Chai, to write up the script. Angie also revealed that Vic's present girlfriend, Da S (Barbie) will be included.

That year Meteor Garden came out, it not only made F4 popular, it also let the characters of the drama, Vic and Barbie, fall in love. Although Angie already decided the casting, they are not decided definitely. She also did her homework, and she had thought about how to show Taiwan's beauty through the camera lens. To promote Taiwan scenic sights, Angie did all her research. She hoped this idol drama not only shows F4's charms once again, but wished it will place Taiwan, this lovely piece of "Formosa", onto world stage.

argggggggggggggggh!!! not again....

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