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F4, "Taiwan and Korea are both passionate countries"

F4, "Taiwan and Korea are both passionate countries"

"Taiwan is very similar to Korea in that they are both passionate countries.
I hope there is more exchange between the two from now on."

Taiwan's idol group F4 visited Korea for the first time together and
attended a press conference commemorating being the campaign model for
Taiwanese tourism and commented, "Taiwan has a unique charm and scenery that
is different from Korea. I hope many will bring back a good impression."

F4 was selected to be the campaign model for Taiwanese tourism in Korea and
Japan. The Taiwanese ambassador attended the event while Kangta and the
Super Junior members delivered congratulatory messages through a video.

The members of the group F4 who are all separately active as actors and
singers got together for the first time in a while to film the commercial.
F4 who visited Tokyo, Japan on the 7th and Seoul this day on the 9th started
by saying, "The Korean people would easily be able to enjoy Taiwanese
culture," and continued to introduce Taiwan's nature, tourist sites, food,
fruits, and others.

The group F4 has a large fan base in Korea. The drama series 'Meteor
Garden' which also aired in Korea gathered great popularity. Vaness is
especially known for his collaboration with Kangta under the name

credits to francesca @ asianfanatics

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