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F4 will go to Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan

March 6, 2007
translated by Jerry's Kingdom

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Jerry and dancers in a hot body-hugging dance, and rushes to attack the Japanese market

For endorsing Taiwan tourism, F4 will reunite and jointly arrive in Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan. They will first proceed to Tokyo on the 7th and arrrive in Korea on the 9th. According to Taiwan Information press report, for F4's press con in Shunjuku, Tokyo, they only took the services of highly-regarded Japanese image experts, which immediately cost NT$ 4 million. For this Japanese and Korean press conference, they already spent a total of 10 million. With the 85 million budget for the drama included, it would be the biggest government and artists joint venture contract, to exploit the use of the "Taiwan wave" as a counter-attack to Korean and Japanese invasion.

F4 gained many fans because of "Meteor Garden". Jerry's theme song single "You Are My Only Persistence" in his lead drama "The Hospital" recently landed on top 2 of the pre-order listing of CDs in HMV Japan, a local on-line audio-visual shop.

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