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Finish the pleasant trip to Japan

Finish the pleasant trip to Japan

2007-03-08@03: 04:18

F4 experienced two day's dense work and finished the promotion for
Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Japan temporarily.

We were surrounded with groups of media and enthusiatics fans all
the way from the departure from Taipei on the day of 6th.
Especially at the airport in Japan.
All the fans who had waited for us from the early morning lined up
orderly at the arrivals area and followed the instructions from the
clerks of the airport. It let us feel your enthusiasm and made the
job go on smoothly.

We still accepted many interviews after the press conference today.
It's also successful to produce the programme "SMAP*SMAP".
We felt so happy and funny to join in the short play and games.
F4 had good interactions with SMAP and achieved a lot from the top
team in Japan.
The programme will be broadcast on "SMAP*SMAP" next Monday.
I'm expecting for it very much like you.

It was a long time from the press to the end of the continuous
But hundreds of fans still waited there when we finished the jobs.
They were so sweet and moving that they always companied us to the

We will leave for Korea for the next promotion in several hours.
Thank you for supporting F4 with all your effort.
Hope to meet you again in April in Taiwan.


Translated by 1syun1@ VIFC

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