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Giving Away Compiled Clips CDs!!!

Congratulations to, will contact you once i send the cds.Thanks

edited, March 5
10:16 PM
ATTENTION: i only have 1 set, so ... it means, somebody OWNS THIS SET ALREADY!
read my quote above :p

I am fixing my stuffs here and i got extra copies [cds] of the following:

-starjerry launching-clips, jerry@seoul drama awards, jerry@sands indonesia
-jerry in australia [as guest in jolin's concert]
-jerry for u in japan [newsclips,etc]
-asia pacific film festival [red carpet, news, etc]
-world vision clips [mostly newsclips going to mongolia, japan, etc]

I am giving away those complied clips cds [as a set], since i already sent some to my friends.
don't worry, this is FREE OF CHARGE. i just want to dispose these cds.

just email me your full name, complete address and contact number to

and i'll contact you if you're the lucky person.
[btw, exclusively for metro manila based only]

"it's better to give, than to receive =p"


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