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Idol group F4 as ambassadors of Taiwan will go to Japan and Korea to hold international media conference

March 6, 2007
posted by mamy at Jerry's Harbor
translated by Jerry's Kingdom

The Tourism Bureau has invested a heavy amount of funding to invite the idol group F4, all-together to be the endorsers for Taiwan Tourism activities, which will formally kick off separately on March 7 and 11 in Japan and Korea respectively, to hold an international press conference, to introduce F4 as Taiwan's new ambassadors of Tourism, as well as to start the shooting of the idol drama, and announce the holding of two international fan gatherings in Taiwan, to attract an estimated 5000 fans coming to chase their stars in Taiwan, and a chance to spur the tourism industry.

In the Korean TV Serial "Winter Sonata" and New Zealand's local film "Devil's Warning" has attracted a great number of foreign travelers to come to these countries to visit its location sites. To copy this successful program, the highly successful TV serial "Meteor Garden" was considered when F4 was invited to be Taiwan Tourism ambassadors. The Tourism Bureau said that this week it will start actual operations: on March 7 and 9 they will hold two separate international media conferences in Japan and Korea. Because the Tourism Bureau Director Lai Se Zhen will personally attend, he would join hands with F4 as they announce the slogan "WISH TO SEE YOU IN TAIWAN", and also give away words of "beauty" "friendly and quality" etc. as its 4 big themes. Through F4's lead TV promo advertisement riding a taxi in Taiwan, as well as at the start of the shooting of the future idol drama, it is hoped that it would attract even the elder male and female fans to come visit Taiwan.

Highlights of F4's new drama: on April 22, at the Tai Da Ti Yu Center, they will hold an international fan gathering, and the tourism bureay estimated that aa much as 5000 fans will come to Taiwan for that event, that will spur a new height for the tourism industry. As for the plans in the idol drama preparations, it is to be shown in primetime at major TV networks in Japan and Korea. The Tourism Bureau had already alloted as much as NT$60 million and plans to increase F4's promo tours as ambassadors.

After the Japanese tourist influx to Taiwan reached 1 million in 2005, while last year it reached more than 1.16 million which again created a new record, and after problems on Korean flights have been resolved, the amount of tourists coming to Taiwan had substantially increased. Last year, because the 1.9 million tourist influx target is fairly possible, and in order to attract more Japanese and Korean tourists to come to Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau Director Lai, Fiance lawyer and Taiwan Tourism Society President Lao, and a travel agency manager in charge for Japan and Korea will all leave bound to Japan on March 6 to support F4's promo endorsement. Also, they will conduct 3 press briefings. As toF4's non-stop charms, the Tourism Bureau says: After many related news releases, we have received many inquires from fans from all parts of Asia. Later when the idol drama will be released, it hopes to spur a new Tourist influx in Taiwan.

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