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Idol Group F4 as Taiwan ambassadors will be in Japan and Korea for an international media conference

March 7, 2007
Summarized by Jerry's Kingdom
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Taiwan's famous idol group F4 left for Japan and Korea
yesterday afternoon to promote Taiwan tourism.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invested heavy funding when it took idol group F4 for Taiwan tourism promo activities, formally starting yesterday as they all set off to Japan arriving in Tokyo at 6 pm (Japan time), and attracting many fans to troop to the airport and took pictures. Wearing casual clothes and just before boarding, Ken strolled at the duty-free shop, as Vanness and Zaizai talked to each other, while Jerry remained less talkative.

They will first hold a press conference in Tokyo on March 7 and the next day will proceed to Seoul for another press con on March 9, where Tourism Bureau Director Lai will personally attend and hand in hand promote the slogan "Wish to see you in Taiwan" While in Japan, F4 will guest on one of the two highest-rated Variety shows in Japan - SMAP idol group's "SMAP X SMAP" lead by TAKUYA KIMURA or maybe over at Asahi TV's variety show where another SMAP member SHINGO KATORI hosts. After Korean idols visiting Japan went to guest at SMAPX SMAP, they became highly famous in Japan.

F4 will return to Taiwan on March 11 and prepares for the idol drama and advertisement shooting. F4's endorsed theme "Wish to see you in Taiwan" hopes to attract fans to come to Taiwan, especially after the showing of "Meteor Garden" where it broke into a high 20% viewership rating.

At present, there are already fan groups signing up for the April 22 fan gathering. In the airport, there was a large number of Tokyo fans who went to Malaysia for Vanness' concert and then rushed for home to Osaka.

According to Taiwan Tourism estimates, if the F4 endorsement to Japan and Korea would yield 7% tourist market, that would be 42 hundred million dollar revenues for Taiwan. IN the F4 contract as ambassadors, it included a 25-episode idol drama where Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai preparing the script. AC also leaked out that they are seriously thinking of having Zai Zai and his current girlfriend Da S to star together again in the whirlwind drama.

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