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Jerry with sad face, Zai zai becomes funny

Source: United Daily News (Lian He Bao)
March 8, 2008
translated by Jerry's Kingdom

From left is Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, TaiwanTourism Director Lai Se Zhen
Ken Zhu and Viz Chou attending in yesterday's Tokyo promo event

Sad face Jerry Yan and funny man Vic Zhou are really different! For F4's endorsement of Taiwan tourism bureau, they held a press conference yesterday in Tokyo. and a clear contrast was seen between the two. Even during the interview at the stage, Jerry's feelings were out of the control, and Zaizai had to take the attention to help him. Jarry had always thought of his own country as an ambassador, He is pressured, in contrast to Zaizai's relaxed and funny gesture as he began to speak in Japanese . He didnt only teased continuously at the reporters but also took Vanness and Ken laughing. Finally Jerry even laughed at his jokes.

At yesterday's press con at Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, there are almost 200 Japanese press. NHK TV had a full coverage. The 11:00 starting time was delayed for an hour. According to age, F4 came out at the stage with Zaizai leading, followed by Ken, Vanness and finally Jerry. Vanness was limping and they all wore suits of dark gray and black designed by HIRO, Dolice and Gabbana and Dior Homme. Just the suits alone had cost them 2 million dollars.

Zaizai kept high with his antics and Jerry were pressed with questions on LZL and QSK. Jerry just said," Bless her."

As ambassadors for Tourism, Jerry most recommended the National Palace Museum and its Tea Restaurants. Taiwan tea is tasty and delicious. Besides wax apple, Vanness recommended Ba Le, tomato preserves and mango ice. Ken recommended some food delicacies which is very ordinary to people and yet from north to south has distinct different tastes. Vic recommended the beautiful mountains and rivers of Yi Lan. Taiwan 101 tower and Wan Yue bay.

Because of the rumors that the the Tourism Bureau wanted F4 for the idol drama project but is continuously "blocked" by Jerry, he was directly asked by the Taiwanese media in yesterday's conference. Maybe because he was offended, he just frowned.

Zaizai took the shot and said," We three already filled it up for him" Vanness was also a little angry when he said," The four of us really get along very well, no need to put an issue on it."

The Tourism office legal office and Comic Ritz head Ge Fu Hong revealed yesterday that Jerry followed her protest, " Why do others think that it something that concerns me? You must explain for me." Ge Fu Hong said, "From the start, we have not included Jerry in the idol drama planning. also he already expressed that he want to just join F4's April 22 fan gathering (for Korean and Japanese fans), commercials and TV specials which are scheduled to finish before November.

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