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Jerry Yan brakes income source brings up resentment to F3

March 6, 2007
translated by Jerry's Kingdom

Because of agent's commission problems , Jerry and his former manager
Angie Chai decided to go separate ways, that lead him not to renew
his contract again, and eventually, he left the company.

Because of the NT$10 million-worth of endorsement contract, Jerry will "reunite" with his group F4 and fly towards Japan and Korea to promote. Actually, F4 no longer exists, as Jerry already signed a contract with Katie Chen and with Melvin Chua's ad agency in China. But then again, because Jerry is a person who would not compromise, F4's March 2006 HK concert CD, DVD and related goods cant be released. annoying and resenting F3 for the loss of nearly 10 million in revenues.

March of last year, F4 held their "F4 Forever4 2006" concert for 4 nights in Hong Kong. According to practice, after every concert, the record company and the sponsors should release the CD, DVD and related goods within half a year. However, until now that one year already passed, not a single F4 HK concert product can be seen, that brought fans to decide to file a petition to the record company and sponsors for its immediate release, but until now, there has been no reply yet. According to sources, the problem is from Jerry. The release must have the consent of the artists and Jerry's "no answer" had caused all goods to be on halt, and causing F4 to loose nearly 10 million in income.

Jerry not only wanted the good to be stopped but he is also even not willing for the F4 special album to be released. F4 and Sony BMG still have a record contract. Originally, their album should have been released early this year. Because Jerry reasoned out that he had no time to record because of his commitments, the release of their album has not been done until now. According to sources, Jerry is no longer willing to work with F4 again all because of his former manager Angie Chai. In his early years when he was still under Angie Chai, while most managers would get 20% commission, F4 management gets 50%. Despite the high commission, management remained indifferent to their needs, and didn't even offer the company vehicles for their use, that caused Jerry to be disappointed, and finally not willing to renew his contract anymore.

After Jerry's contract expired, he set up his company Star Jerry and Lin Jian Yue actively recruited Jerry to be under his Dong Ya Management company. Lin even flew to Taiwan to discuss the contract with Jerry but Jerry still didn't agree. Fiannly, Jerry signed a contract with Faye Wong's manager Katie Chen in Hong Kong then followed with a contract he signed with Melvin Chua's ad agency in Shanghai, and even with Cai Wei Zhi who has superstars Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi in his wing.

To be with his hated old enemy, and because Taiwan Tourism Bureau alloted a budget of 85 million to invite F4 as ambassadors for Japan and Korea as well as film an idol drama, Jerry was not willing to work, and rejected to film the drama because of Angie Chai. But for this 10-million worth of endorsement project, Jerry agreed to attend the press con, and join his former group ZaiZai (Vic Zhou), Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu on March 7, to start off the press conference in Japan. On the 9th, they will again fly to Korea to promote.

Jerry's assistant Fenny said that the HK concert DVD was late that is why it failed to be released, and Jerry was misunderstood. In addition, Jerry is like F3 who are just invited as performers and cant manage for the release of those related goods.This problems should concern the record company and the sponsors.

Fenny admitted that since last year, after the HK concert, Jerry had received many inquiries from fans on why the DVD has not been released yet. In fact, right after his every performance, Jerry would tell the sponsors to finish the audio-visual products right away for remembrance so he could share it together with his fans.

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