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Lian He (United Daily), 3/8

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Lian He (United Daily), 3/8

In the table for F4 2007 Schedule, its written as Jerry will work with Ms Feng of Comic, AC's former partner.

In the news article, there was 1 part where it seems Jerry's was not too happy why he was blamed for his non-participation in the tourism drama when all along his contract for the tourism project did not include the drama. Prior to that, a HK newsarticle blamed Jerry as the culprit responsible for the delay in F4's HK concert dvd & F4 group album. And whereby Fenny replied that its not within Jerry or F3's control, its all up to the concert organiser & record company.

I think Jerry must really be unhappy being blamed for things re F4's projects which are not his doings.


(fatty2: be prepared for loud screams of Jerrrry, Jerrry. )

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