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Message from Mr Chih


Malaysia -> Taiwan -> Japan -> Korea

Thank you for everyone's concern

VanNess hurt his leg during rehearsal for Genting concert.
However, it didn't affect his performance that night
Enthusiastic encouragement from the fans gave him strength
although it's tough, he managed to successfully complete the whole concert.

As Genting didn't have specialised medical treatment, after returned to Taiwan, brought VanNess to the doctor.
The doctor said his injury is rather severe, request for him to
rest and not to do strenuous activities for the time being.

However, he has many work already scheduled.
After Japan and Korea press con, he has to go Africa for a charity event. Africa's environment may be tough for VanNess due to his injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

F3 did send flowers to Ken to encourage him and Ken was very happy.

F4 will be going to Japan, hope Japan and Korea trip will go on smoothly.

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

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