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New TV series will showcase nation's scenic locations

New TV series will showcase nation's scenic locations

By Shelley Shan
Monday, March 12, 2007, Page 2

The Tourism Bureau announced last year that it would sponsor the production of a romantic TV series called Wish to See You in Taiwan, starring the popular boy band F4 -- on the condition that the series showcase some of the nation's scenic locations for its setting.

The TV series, scheduled to be completed by November, will be broadcast during prime time in Japan and South Korea.

While the bureau has not finalized its list of recommended sites, the scouting for potential locales has already generated discussions in cyberspace.

Some ideas

Yvonne Lee, an engineer, said in an instant message exchange that there were a couple of places she would recommend, including Alishan and Kuanshan.

"The latter may be less known to the public, but it is a place where you can watch a beautiful sunrise and is one of the few less-polluted areas in Taiwan," she wrote.

Hannah Tsai, an office clerk, suggested a few possible combinations for scenic spots. She said that crews could shoot outdoor scenes in the narrow valley spanning Hualien and Taitung.

Should the filming crew be interested in scenes from central Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Veterans' Farm to Ouwanta Forest Recreation Areas all would be viable options.

The Cingjing Farm is known for its widespread grassland and scenery similar to that found in Switzerland, while Ouwanta is home of the Atayal Tribe and known for its maple tree forest.

Tsai said another option would be the coastal areas in the northeast.

Also, given the right timing, the crew could shoot in Sanjhih, Taipei County, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, she wrote.

Tsai said she also heard that the Bakuen Farm, located in a 1.3km-high mountain in Hsinchu County, was a nice location, adding that it was perfect for those who enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by clouds.

Other options

Doris Huang, a writer, said she would recommend Furen Village (???) on the Nankan Islet in Matsu.

She said its coastal areas resemble those along the Mediterranean Sea.

Jenny Yeh, also a writer, said that the area surrounding Tamkang University could also provide a good setting for a romantic series.

The Tamshui Fishermen's Wharf, Fort San Domingo and other tourist attractions are found in the area.

A man who only gave the name Tommy said that a romantic series needed a setting of such beauty as that found at Liushidanshan, Hualien County, famous, in summertime, for its hills filled with tiger lilies.

The tourism bureau is still encouraging people to submit their ideas for settings to be used during the shooting of the series.

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