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Zhu Xiao Tian said: “I don’t want to die, I still want to get married!


Before arriving at Tokyo, Zhu Xiao Tian just slept in the plane.


F4 are the Tourism Ambassadors of Taiwan for Japan and Korea, they held a press conference from the Japanese side there were at least 200 reporters who showed up, the host of the affair is an anchorperson from NHK, from this you can visualize how spectacular the event is. The 11 am event was delayed for one hour. F4 came out according to age first to come out was Zhou Yu Min, Zhu Xiao Tian, Wu Jian Hao and then Yan Cheng Xu. The four of them wore black and dark grey suits. It was Hiro from Japan who took care of their clothing. The brand they used were from Dolce and Gabbana and Dior Homme as well as some famous Japanese Brands. They spent 200 thousand Taiwanese Dollars just for clothes alone.


Zhu Xiao Tian recommended the delicious dish Pork Fried Rice, he said that this dish is eaten by almost everyone in Taiwan. But he says that food in the South Western Area has a different flavor to it. He hopes that you can sample everything.


Zhu Xiao Tian said there was one time the four of them flew to Kaoshiung, Taiwan to have an autograph session they didn’t know what was wrong with the plane, they had to do a forced landing at the Tainan Airport when the aircraft personnel opened the door he was wiping his perspiration and said: “its okay, its okay.”


Kimura Takuya thought of a special segment in their SMAP x SMAP program, they prepared their own version of Meteor Garden the taping started at 4 pm and lasted until 11 pm.

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