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posted by fatty2@ asian

According to a newsarticle of 3/10, F4's duties in Korea are completed & they are all leaving Korea today. I remember Jerry saying in his blog that due to changes in the Korean schedule, he had to cxld his Shanghai charity event. Seems that the Korean schedule is changed again, wondered whether its possible for Jerry to go to Shanghai on such short notice.

Anyway, in United Daily News (3/10), its confirmed that Billy is one of Jerry's agent & he is also the agent of Lan Zheng Long, Vic Zhou's gf ex bf. Its said that Jerry & LZL are similar in the aspect that both are reserved & inarticulate, thereby giving others the impression of distance. And some part abt how under Billy's patient guidance over these couple of years, LZL pr skills has improved a lot.

According to Billy, ppl got the impression that Jerry is immature as he seems to thinks too much but the actual case is bcos Jerry is well aware that some ppl considers him purely as a money tree, that why's he ultra cautious when it comes to projects.


According to newsarticle, Jerry, ZZ & Ken is flying back to Tw today from Korea while Vanness is flying to HK.

According to a fan's posting in, its said that Jerry will only be leaving Korea tmrw & flying to Shanghai.

So we will just have to wait for further confirmation which news is correct.

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