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Putting Blame to JERRY? What the .... ????

Posted by kklajerry@asianfanatics

Feelings out of control? Give me a break. From the press conference clips I have watched, Jerry's attitude was very appropriate. Yes, he didn't act like a clown or laugh until his body shook, so it is not ok? He was quiet and looked serious when others were talking because he respected the press conference and others. He didn't talk much as he didn't want to steal the attention. I think his attitude was so good even after some reporters asked him whether he was the main reason why the Tourism idol project/drama was delayed/impacted in the press conference. In one news article, it was reported that Jerry asked Ms. Ge why all the blames were on him. I don't know whether he did ask that question, but it was so true.

For your information, not too many translation was done as most news articles from TW/HK were not worthy translating, as they followed the same tone, that it accused Jerry of having a straight face. Is it really a coincidence that the HK paper 'Singtao' which is well known to be pro-ZZ released a news article on the day they went to Japan accusing Jerry of refusing to release the 2006 HK concerts DVD and the 3rd F4 album, and joining F3 again now for the money.

Posted by fatt2@asianfanatics

According to newsarticle, seems that besides Fenny & Guo Zhong accompanying Jerry, a guy named Billy was also there & its written he's Jerry's manager (Jiang Yi Peng is SJ consultant). So maybe Jerry has manage to get someone to manage his TW side of business.

What can I say except they know Jerry well. They know that Jerry will just swallow the unfairness and harassment, as he treasures his relationship with them and he doesn't want the press to report a twisted and out-of-proportion story.

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