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Shy on SMAP, F4 goes to Japan

Shy on SMAP, F4 goes to Japan
Comes out in a weird sequence, ZaiZai is first
Bao Long is last because he's hard to handle?

March 7, 2007
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When always the most serious-looking Ken appeared at the
airport, he remained very stiff, yet fans still went to chase him

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When F4 arrived at Taiwan's Taoyuan airport, long time no see
buddies Jerry (left) and Vic happily walked side by side chatting

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Vanness sprained his foot a few days ago so he
appeared supported with a cane in his right hand

Because of "Meteor Garden" which launched their fame all over Asia, idol group F4 went to Japan yesterday for a Taiwan Tourism promotion and also guest over at SMAP's variety show "SMAP X SMAP" where the group "kings" meet the "kings" for the first time However,

For fair exposure, the order of appearance was according to age

F4 arrived at the airport at 1 pm yesterday. Jerry and Vanness took the same car, and Zai Zai and Ken took another car. After taking many turns inside the airport premises, they went down to take a single car so that the media will have a good view to see, to fire the first wave of distinct strength. Holding down for sometime, they entered the airport together to launch the second wave of force.

Because there are about 5000-strong fans and 100 media waiting in Japan, everyone was betting on who would come out first. For fair sequencing, and after long deliberations, it was decided that the age will be the basis. That is why when they came out, Zaizai, the youngest came out first, followed by Ken, Vanness and then finally Jerry, the oldest in the group.

Is Zai zai taking the lead indicated Fu long's control of power?

This sequencing seemed fair, but fans behind commented that it was intentionally made for Zai Zai because they wanted to project Zaizai has the loudest screams and the most famous one, since the crowd has been standing there waiting for so long. Jerry fans then declared that actually, everyone there already knows in their hearts who among the 4 is the most famous one. If it is according to age, why not turned it the other way around? Fans even commented that because ZaiZai is under Fulong, he got the lead. Ken's contract will still expire next year, while Vanness's contract already expired. Jerry was the first to break away, and who was also once rumored to be not willing to work as Tourism ambassador, so he has to be the last to appear.

The first Taiwanese star group to guest in SMAP

Even if F4 is fairly strong in private, yet they still must work hard for this Tourism event. In addition, they must guest in the taping of SMAP's long-running TV show "SMAP X SMAP" where since it started showing in 1996, it has always maintained it's high ratings. Withing the program is the "BISTRO SMAP" where the 4 boys let cook and treat their guests their most favorite recipes.

Invited in this segment are all-famous stars or celebrities. Takeshi Kaneshiro was the only Taiwan-based star who guested in this portion and if F4 will be invited to go inside this segment, they will be the first pure Taiwanese group to be invited. F4 would not only taste Kimura's cooking of American food but also also have a chance to interact to the most famous 5 members of SMAP.

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