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SMAP X SMAP warmly welcomed F4, Takuya Kimura became F5

Source: China Times
March 8, 2007

Because F4 is highly famous, even Takuya Kimura thought of becoming "F5!" Last night, F4 was invited to guest in SMAP's own variety show "SMAP X SMAP" where two of the biggest kings of Taiwan and Japan finally met. Jerry and Takuya exchanged admirations to each other, and Takuya even personally planned the episode to welcome their special guests.

SMAP X SMAP is shown in Fuji Channel, and has remained its high ratings over the years. Normally, hey would treat their foreign guests at theis "BISTRO SMAP Celebrity Nook" However, because they felt F4 deserved a special treatment, Takuya didnt only transformed himself as F5 but also came up with a short "Meteor Garden" skit, parlor game ans some few interviews. The whole program was taped from 4 to 11 pm. However, captain Masahiro Nakai and Goro Inagaki was absent last night due to other commitments.

Their manager revealed that Takuya really admires F4. He then thought that they could work together and Jerry really wants to see Takuya perform. In his admiration for Takuya, he said, " He is much good-looking in TV than I am. He is really a dream man by women, " making Takuya continuously flattered. In the "Meteor Garden" skit, Takuya and Kimura played Dao Ming Si together, and must choose to wear one of the two Shan Cai's Checkered skirts of Shingo Katori. However, Shingo warned both of them. For tarnishing his image for this short play, Jerry said, "No problem, I just thought it's funny."

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