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Super famous F4 as Tourism honorary ambassadors to lure fans to come to Taiwan and create an upsurge in Taiwanese wave

March 7, 2007
translated by Jerry's Kingdom

The Taiwanese idol group F4, because of their lead TV serial "Meteor Garden" that made them famous all over Asia, and even created an upsurge in Japan, that now the Taiwan Tourism sector had commissioned them to be as official tourism ambassadors , in the hope that their popularity can create a tourist influx in Taiwan.

Japanese TV channels neither showed weakness as they got young idol Jun Masumoto to play the Japanese F4 counterpart but comparing the two, their acting were somewhat different. The Japanese version of F4 in terms of age and acting skill scored victory, while the Taiwanese version of F4, in terms of similarity to the manga characters won hands down. However, these two TV serials were televised in Taiwan, and Japan actually acquired it earlier with little success.

In overseas success, Taiwanese F4 also attracted the attention of the Taiwan Tourism Society. When they invited F4 as tourism ambassadors, they hoped that through F4 they could attract foreign fans to come for Taiwan tour. In fact, getting idols to be the tourism ambassadors is most successful case is none other than Korea.

Korean government actively supports the showbiz industry, and sells Korean TV serials to other Asian countries, creating a Korean wave.

Through the TV serial "Winter Sonata" where Korean actor Bei Yong Jun got famous as a giant star allover Asia, it also attracted numerous fans to go to the filming sites of the TV serial in Korea, that won an upsurge in Korean tourism industry.

Now, the Taiwanese government plans to have the same idol charms of F4 as tourism ambassadors, wishing to succeed in the Asian region, to create a new upsurge of the Taiwan wave .

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