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Tw Apple, 3/20

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Tw Apple, 3/20

Translated by fatty2@asianfanatics

This newsarticle is the 3 rumoured beau of Lin Chiling, ranked according to their fortune, the newest one being Terry Guo, the richest man in Tw. Terry Guo is aged 56, possess a fortune of NT$ 18.5 billion. Then there is Scott Qiu, aged 33, 3rd generation of a wealthy family, with a fortune of 3.5 billion & then there is Jerry Yan, with a billion.

(fatty2: looks like the newsarticle just promoted Jerry to the billionaires club loool.gif loool.gif . ahem, please note the amt is in NT$ & according to chinese figures of billion & not western figures. so Jerry is very, very far from being a billionaire).

its abt Jerry winning the yahoo vote of Most Handsome based on his fans hardwork. the content is the same as by United Daily which has been translated.

thanks to fatty2@asianfanatics

hehehe, am i psychic or what, just as i brought up to topic of Jerry's leading lady & imagine when i glance thru 3/20 some chinese newsarticles & it was abt who will Jerry's select as his new leading lady now that he's also a producer??? & as usual, the media immediately thought of Lin Chiling loool.gif loool.gif . anyway, according to Ms Lin's manager, she has never thought of acting in a tv serial while Billy said that Jerry has no plans to ask Ms Lin. Billy also said that they will not discount the possibility of using newbies. (fatty2: please use newbies, i like seeing Jerry with new female actresses).

Liberty Times brought up the topic of Jerry not participating in the tourism drama may caused the Japanese feeling cheated & affecting the tourism plans. & a tourism official said that there was no agreement that all 4 must appear in the tourism drama. (fatty2: wow, didnt know that the Jerry effect is that powerful loool.gif loool.gif ). holy potatoe, did i read correctly, the newsarticle said that this question was brought up by a legislator???

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