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Two Cents =p

this was posted by chrissiewoods @ F4 thread tsinoy, in regard to Chin's Message on my tagboard last night ... this is not my OFFICIAL STATEMENT but i also gave her full authority to post this at f4 thread ... to give justice [to my group and to myself as well] to the accusations ...

my_misyel likes Jerry Yan as much as she likes the other f4 guys which includes Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu. BUT, my_misyel is part of the working team of the Jerry Yan Philippines Blog, which, if it is not so obvious yet, is purely and only about Jerry Yan and Jerry Yan alone. There may be news, bad or good, about f4 in that blog but this is because the news is Jerry Yan-related. The blog not having much information about any of the other f4 guys does not mean my_misyel hates them whatsoever. The blog and this thread is all for fun and welcomes constructive comments about the guys of f4.

-Chrissiewoods, Reporting for duty

***This is not an official statement of my_misyel as she is busy attending a HIPHOP awards show at Le Pavilion at the moment.

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