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Article: March 7, 2007

Kimura Takuya has long admired Jerry Yan but in Jerry Yan's heart (meaning mind), the very attractive Kimura should be the true heartthrob for girls. Yesterday afternnon, F4 went to SMAPxSMAP and Kimura pretended to be Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Sze and together with Jerry proposed to Shingo who dressed up as the girl and in the end....(spoiler not translated)

The funniest portion is that when Kimura dressed up as Dao Ming Sze, Kimura even turned around and asked Jerry Yan, "Does it look good?" .....Shingo wore checked skirt and it is a wonder what the real boyfriend of (Barbie Hsu), Vic Zhou , thought when seeing this? Different from the press conference in clothing, F4 when filming on the set were wearing casuals. Like Jerry Yan, he wore white top with colorful pants so as to fit in the skit and game and working with SMAP.

F4 is too popular and even Kimura Takuya wants to join and make it F5! Last night, F4 were invited to SMAPxSMAP hosted by SMAP as guest. Taiwan and Japan Kings meeting, Jerry Yan and Kimura Takuya both praised each other and Kimura Takuya even designed the content to welcome the super guests F4.

SMAPxSMAP is the Fuji top variety show and the ratings always have been high and not low. Most overseas artists usually join the Bistro SMAP section but F4 has a different treatment. Kimura Takuya not only appear as "F5" but personally designed a Meteor Garden skit, game and interview contents. The whole show was recorded from 4 pm to 11 pm. But leader Nakai Masahiro and Goro Inagaki were absent due to other work schedule.

The agency revealed that Kimura Takuya enjoy F4 a lot and had wanted to work with them earlier on. Jerry Yan also hoped to see Kimura Takuya. Jerry Yan praised "Kimura Takuya's real person is better looking than on TV and truly is the ladies heartthrob." Kimura looked ecstactic. In the short skit of Meteor Garden, Kimura Takuya together with Jerry Yan played the role of Dao Ming Sze and Shingo who wore a checked skirt had to choose one of the two.....(spoiler not translated). Not minding his own star image, Jerry Yan said, "No problem, I wanted to make fun anyway!"

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