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Yahoo Taiwan - Polls

Yahoo Taiwan has this polling for 'The Number One Taiwan Pretty Boy'. The results were out the day before.
Jerry Yan (F4) stood 26.7% of the winning votes, while Wu Chun (Fahrenheit) only got 24.4% standing at the second place.
The third place goes to Sam Wong (5566/183 Club). Whereas the long-term champion, Takeshi Kaneshiro stood at the fourth place.

When the polling begin, Wu Chun was leading the votes. Until the last 2 days of the polling, Jerry Yan fans started voting for him tremendous and within 1 day, Jerry Yan position went up the number 1 until the end of the poll. This shows how strong Jerry Yan fans were, supporting him till the very last minute of the poll. Jerry has been doing charity recently, this might have helped him to gain some votes too.

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