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SUMMER GET-TOGETHER - Invitation to All

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Hi, Jerry Yan Philippines invites you to its SUMMER GET-TOGETHER on May 5, 3pm at Robinson's Apartelle

Tickets at Php200 with snacks, You may bring extra food to share. On the same day, we will be Accepting StarJerry Membership Application. Pls bring a Photocopy of your passport Page 1 Only, 2 pcs colored passport size pictures and Php 2,200 Membership Fee.

Thanks and See You All on May 5!

For inquires:
For reservations: 09278592693, 09175452498

F4 is now renamed as JVKV

Taiwan tourism idol drama produced by Angie Chai "Guo Shi De Yan Lei" is scheduled to start filming in July. Regarding the cast, she said: "U may not know, F4 is now renamed as JVKV (representing the 1st alphabet from each of their english names).

She expressed that after changing name, there will be no sayings of new F4 or who replacing who. From the start, Jerry and Vanness are unable to participate fully coz they have other work planned. Only Zai & Ken will be the main lead.

"F4" is now a well known name, to change now is not easy.

Angie Chai explained, F4 is a name for the characters in Hana Yori Dango. At that time, they had the rights to use the name from the Japan publisher. But now, Japan has also filmed their own version of the drama, in the future there will be different countries of F4. Therefore, the publishers hope that they will not use "F4" for non Hana Yori Dango related matters.

For the international fans gathering held recently, they have already start using the name "JVKV"

Source: http://stars. pages5/f4070428. html

Thanks to MICHI of ONLYF4

www.certifiedvannad VannAddicts/

Slideshow - Wish to See You in Taiwan [Pictures]

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Results - Most Photogenic Male poll

Recently in China there's a website that held a Most Photogenic Male poll and here are the results.

Andy Lau
Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Sun Hong Lei ???
Chang Chen
Lu Yi ??
Jerry Yan
Yang Xiao Le ???
Chen Kun??
Huang Xiao Ming ???
Wang Han ??

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F4 Wish To See You in Taiwan

F4 Wish To See You in Taiwan
April 23, 2007

Taiwanese boyband F4 held an international fans meeting, “Wish To See You in Taiwan” on Sunday (April 22) in Taipei. The event attracted around 5000 international fans, mainly from Japan.

source: YummyCelebrities

credits to Jerry Yan Philippines

Update From Taiwan!

Dear All,

I received this report from our dear friend maricel, JYP-SJ member, from taiwan.

She was able to get her ticket from SJ Booth at round 12:30NN. Big Thanks to our SJ-Phil sister, Cherry Duana who gave her the ticket since shes got extra ticket! Wow! our dear sister maricel is so lucky to get in the venue.

She's planning to get her SJ souvenir poster but unfortunately, the line is so loooong, that she decided to get it after the event! And guess what! She got her SJ souvenir poster that easy coz there'no line anymore! he he he.

Around 1PM she got inside the National Taiwan University and all SJ members were givent he best seat! That's the benefit of being an SJ member, so sisters please apply for membership now! Ok, going back to the event, according to Maricel, there are lots of japanese fans, but not so much of korean fans! the venue is not FULL! There are a lot of vacant seats. But when the F4 came to the stage, again sistes fans began to screamed! Just like what I have experieced during the F4 Hong Kong Concert last year. She said her eyes is focused to Jerry. She said that Jerry is so fresh, so handsome, and his complexion is so fine (like a porcerlain, that's her description) and always gave his killer smile! (Blaaag !!!) I almost faint when she told me that coz i recall his face during the first fan gathering ni Taiwan! Whew!

The Games: There are several fans who are lucky to be chosen as contestants. Since she was not chosen as one of the contestants she just took pictures of Jerry. She will send the pictures to us later.

Yes, Jerry, Vic, Ken and Van sang 2 songs, (she's too excited that she was not able to give me the titles of the songs) to welcome those fans who to grace the event.

After the event, she waited for Cherry and niece and Yam for they will still attend the 3 funfest that SJ organized.

This is all for now and will update you more once I have heard from maricel again, regarding the details of Star Jerry FunFest!

I think Maricel was so excited seeing Jerry and F3 upclose that until now, she hasnot woke up from dreamland! Ok sis, thanks so much for the update and we are so happy for you being there in the event and you've got to represent Jerry Yan Phils in the Event! Sleep tight!

Again BIG THANKS TO YOU! From your JYP sisters here in the phils!

Posted by Norie @ Jerry Yan Philippines

Wish to See You In Taiwan

you can watch here:

Advisory: I'll be out of town this week. Expect some delays in updating this blog. See Yah All Soon!

StarJerry Membership Application - Tentative Deadline [May 5, 2007]

StarJerry Membership Application - Tentative Deadline [May 5, 2007]

Dear All,

JYP Working Team planned to help out our members [3rd batch] in sending their registration to StarJerry so as to save the cost in sending money thru wiring. For those interested or for more details,please feel free to contact any of the JYP Working Team members.

email to:,

subject: StarJerry Membership Application
[Pls include ur name and contact number/mobile number]

Thank you!

JYP Working Team


CNA DAYBOOK FOR APRIL 22, 2007 2007-04-21 23:58:55
1. Event: A "Wish to see you in Taiwan" tourism promotion activity Date and Time: 1:30 p.m., Sunday, April 22, 2007 Place: 3rd Floor National Taiwan University Stadium on Hsinhai Road, Taipei City Host and/or main speakers: Tourism officials and F4 pop group and their Japanese and South Korean fan clubs representatives Organizers: Tourism Bureau Press contact: Tel. 2349-1500 2. Event: Protest rally and march in Taipei to call for bike lanes on all major roads in Taipei City and Taipei County Date and Time: 02:00 p.m., Sunday, April 22, 2007 Place: Intersection of Zhongxiao E. Road and Kaungfu S. Road, Taipei City Organizers: major environmental groups and community universities Disclaimer:

The CNA provides this listing of some of tomorrow's events in Taipei and some other cities as part of our daily English-language service.

Reporters interested in covering the events listed in the Daybook are advised to contact the organizers for additional information.

The CNA is not responsible for any cancellations or last-minute changes made in the scheduling of these events.


source: CNA

credits to daomisyel @ Jerry Yan Philippines when reposting


2007-04-20 21:12:19

Taipei, April 20 (CNA) Local pop group F4, which has been named as representative of Taiwan's tourist industry this year, has attracted nearly 5,000 fans from Japan and Korea hoping to meet their idols April 22 at National Taiwan University's sports center, an official of the Tourism Bureau said Friday.

The fans will create about NT$100 million-worth of sightseeing revenue for Taiwan, according to a bureau estimate.

F4 will perform and interact with their fans, the official said, adding that the bureau has provided a prize of another meeting tour with F4 to attract more tourists.

Quoting statistics compiled by the bureau, the official said Japanese tourists made 1.16 million visits to Taiwan and Koreans made 196,260 visits. The bureau hopes to attract more visitors from these two countries using the attraction of F4 as a draw.

The bureau will air F4's meeting with fans via the Internet at

(By Ruth Wang)

source: CNA
credits to daomisyel @ Jerry Yan Philippines when Reposting

April 20 Translated News and Updates

credits to kkla

According to today's Liberty Times, it was reported that fans can't just see their idols, they may be able to touch them, or even have a 'love hug'. The meet session's organizer, Chao Ji Yuan Ding (kkla: this is also Ge Fu Hong's company), stated that 80 media organizations from Japan including major newspapers, and even BBC will send representatives to TW for reporting the event.

In order to make fans comfortable, 80 buses will be used to send fans to the venue and over 200 staff will help maintain the order. Language used in the meet session will be Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

In addition, in order to satisfy some fans who will wait outside but can't attend the session, official souvenirs/endorsing products of each member (and Vanness' new album) will be displayed and sold outside the venue, so a competition is secretly going on that it will be clear on that day who is the most popular.

In order to support one's idol, fans have started to compete with each other. According to source, Yan Cheng Xu's fans will cover the site with tons of flowers. As for now, 35 flower baskets have been collected, and Tourist Bureau has arranged a location to receive all the flower baskets from Yan Cheng Xu's fans. On the other hand, F3's fans will support their idols with lots of signs.

According to Yan Xiao Yu, from the Japanese version of SJ's urgent notice, it reviewed the location of the fanfests will be Asia Life Shopping Mall, which has 15 and 3 basement floors. The most possible location is Fu Ye Club (don't know it's official English name. Auyinling stated that she almost misread it as Bao Ye Club. Bao Ye is a nickname of Jerry called by TH's staff. Bao as in Bao Long and Ye is a respectful term for someone who has higher status) on the 8th floor. BTW, on the 15th floor, there is a spa-public bath place that some fans joked about it being the possible location for fanfests.
In order to watch the meet session on I'm TV, you need to sign up as a member first. It is free and it is very simple.
If you are already a member, login here:

- if you are not a member, open this page and sign up

2. After signing up, login again (if you have automatically logged in, then you don't need to), and open (or open first and then login). You will see a monitor on the page with 6 choices in the bottom (i.e., Event, TV, VOD, Vlog, Shopping, and Learning). Choose 'TV'.
3. It will go to a page in blue with list of programs being broadcasted live at the moment from different channels. Right now, F4's meet session is on top of the list but there is no film yet.

After you choose the broadcast rate (350k/450k) for a program, another page in orange ( will be shown, and you may be required to install the ActiveX Control for the particular channel before viewing the program.
Surprisingly, a news article by Nan Fang Du Shi Bao (Guangzhou, Mainland China) gave Jerry's acting in TH satisfactory scores. Jerry's acting in TH was scored in 5 different areas, from 75 to 85 points. Said it was rare, as this newspaper's reporting style is like Liberty Times that it rarely has good words on Jerry. This time, although the scores were relatively not high enough, at least the critique was mostly not harsh, or even fair, such as "Allow us to see a Yan Cheng Xu who has successfully got away from idol drama", "Yan Cheng Xu fully displayed Su Yi Hua's characteristics", "it was a comprehensive test for Yan Cheng Xu's acting and he performed well in every aspect following his heart", etc... Having satisfactory scores by Nan Fang Du Shi Bao can be considered as "Good" actually.

Heard that there were totally 4 pages about TH and they are mainly for HKTVB's broadcast tomorrow.

StarJerry news 4/20

source: and

StarJerry news 4/20
credits to

SJ will arrange 3 funfests in the evening on 22nd April, 2007 with SJ members. Please bring along your membership card and passport to the SJ service desk at the venue of "Wish to See You in Taiwan" 422 event to redeem a SJ postcard. Those lucky members may have the postcard with a surprise inside, which will give you a chance to know jerry better.

Redemption time: 10:00 to 13:00, Apr 22

Best Regards,
Jerry Yan Fan Club

New StarJerry News 4/19

New StarJerry News 4/19
thanks to
translated and credits to


WAfter the dream plans' collection, we are surprised by a lot of wonderful and creative ideas by members. In the following months, although it is impossible to fulfill all your dreams, we are determined to satisfy some members' expectations. However, the 4-22 event didn't finish until later afternoon. When considering the time available for SJ's use on that day is really limited, in order to allow members to have bigger satisfaction, we are going to post the schedule (including time and locations) of this year's SJ activites/functions on the web before May 10, 2007. At that time, members can have enough time to choose the activity/function one wants to meet with Jerry face to face. Let's looking forward together to the moment when the dream plans come true!

[Online Clip]SmapXSmap - F4

credits to TP6JEFF99

04/16 F4 sings together

04/16 F4 sings together
Make Taiwan snacks for Japan & Korea fans

Wish to see u in Taiwan F4 Meet the fans session

To welcome their guests, Jerry, Ken, Vic and Vanness will sing 2 songs. and DIY Taiwan snacks. As for fans interaction games, organiser wishes to keep it a secret for the time being, but guarantee will set the fans screaming.

As this event is to promote Taiwan tourism, the priority of the event is given to Japan and Korea fans who bought Taiwan tour package. For other overseas fans from Hong Kong, China, SEA, F4ever fanclub and organisers has specially allocated 100 tics to each F1 official fanclub.

For those fans who are unble to attend, there will be telecast online @

Source: 16/04/2007 Zhong Yang She

Announcement from StarJerry

posted by
BTW, according to an email from SJ to Kamping, for the members who win the tickets from SJ's lucky draw, if anyone can't attend the meet session due to emergency/some reasons, please inform SJ immediately, so the ticket can be given to another applicant. Otherwise, the member will be banned from participating in lucky draws by SJ 2 times.

thanks to

some pictures provided by Ling of (reply#47, thanks Yan Xiao Yu for transferring) and lily of (reply #52)

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The Central News Agency April 16, 2007

Date: April 16, 2007
source: The Central News Agency
thanks to g44531 for transferring

According to CNA, F4 will sing 2 songs at the meet session. They will also prepare some local snacks for fans. Regarding the interactive games will be played, the organizer promises that fans will scream nonstop. As the targets of this meet session are mainly Korean and Japanese fans who have bought the travel packages, for fans from HK, Mainland China, and Southeast Asia, the organizer provides 100 tickets for each member of F4. Besides, in order to satisfy the ones who can't attend the session, the whole session will be broadcasted on imTV live.


Re: Wu Zun Does Not Want To Carry Jerry Yan In His Carriage

Re: Wu Zun Does Not Want To Carry Jerry Yan In His Carriage
Source: Zhi You Bao
Translations by Scarlett @

Posted at AsianFanatics by

kklajerry/kkla is from, when reposting her replies/opinions/translated news, etc ... please credit kkla@nbbbs only, even if she posted her reply from asianfanatics or faithful4ever ... or in any other forums.gets nyo?haha!

Regarding Liberty Times' article, the reporter tried to create conflicts, to provide misleading information, and to draw Jerry into troubles. First of all, this 'basketball fire' is produced by GTV and Jerry should be busy at the projects by his own production company, Dreamdrama. Therefore, when Billy said that Jerry is still considering about it, he was not bluffing. BTW, Billy is a guy.

Second of all, in Chinese, the term "Tai Qiao" (lifting/carrying the carriage) for someone means a more powerful/superior one tries to help out the newcomer/less powerful/inferior one. In other words, we can say in Magic Kitchen, Sammi 'Tai Qiao' for Jerry, as she was more successful in HK movies than Jerry in 2003/2004. Also, in Love Scar, Jacky Zhang and Karen Mok 'Tai Qiao' for Jerry as at that time (Nov 2001) Jerry was just a newcomer even though MG1 has made him a household name in TW.

Regarding the reporters' snooping around Jerry's fan sites, it is not new, but recently, they like to go on As we know, they had stolen information from nbbbs before. Therefore, it doesn't matter which Jerry's fan site we post, we need to think about what is good for Jerry before providing any complaints or suggestions. It is true that some reporters always try to exergerate and to report only part, but not the whole story. It is also true that some TW fans have expressed disappointment in the April 22 project, as it doesn't allow TW fans to participate. However, this is a lesson we should all learn from it. Before fans complain, we should blame the right unit (not SJ or Jerry as they have no control over the arrangement). Actually, even if fans really have some friendly suggestions, I think it is better to email their suggestions to SJ directly. Otherwise, if the reporters pick up any complaints or suggestions, it is highly likely that they will twist the information and point their fingers to Jerry.

Lastly, when each member of F4 posted the same information about April 22 event that they have successfully obtained some tickets for overseas fans outside TW, Korea, and Japan. F3's fans all praised their idols for being considerate and fighting the tickets for them. On the contrary, some Jerry fans complained that Jerry/SJ is not doing enough. I think as Jerry fans, we need to think about this issue. Personally, I think we need to remember, Jerry is an actor/artiste, and he is only a human. His job is to provide good dramas and to produce good projects for us. His job is not getting tickets for us or organize fans gatherings. He is not that powerful in the show business. Although he is popular, he is not as powerful as those directors, producers, big bosses behind those production/management companies, or even the media. There is only so much he can do. As his supporters and as we know him, we need to believe in him. We should know that if he can, he will fight the benefits for us without us asking, like in May 2002, during his stamping session in HK for his photo album, the event was supposed to be held outdoor, but Jerry asked the organizer to hold the event indoor, so fans didn't need to stand under the sun for the whole day. Furthermore, Jerry's fans are all over the world. Even though SJ said that fans gathering will be arranged. Practically, it is not likely for Jerry to host fans gatherings in each country every year. A lot of time, Jerry's work is priority and it is more convenient for him/SJ if he has fans gatherings along with promotion for his projects. Didn't he just go to a lot of different countries when endorsing for WV? Hmm, we need to remind ourselves that we should not take his kindess for granted.

Mia Promo

Free Image Hosting at

credits to

According to Mia owner's blog, Jerry will be Mia's endorser again from May 2007 to April 2008, and April 22 is a cooperative project.

thanks and credits to

Star Jerry News 4/13 Message
Star Jerry News 4/13 Message

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Three Magazine (HK)

credits to
Credit: Kamping of
Three Magazine (HK)

This reporter mentioned some love making scenes from TH may be edited by HKTVB as it is a public/free tv station. The reporter pointed out that in order to protect his 'housewives killer' image, Jerry didn't have a lot love scenes. Mostly, he only kissed different actresses in the drama. On the contrary, Dai Li Ren did a lot of love scenes which may be edited by HKTVB when it will be shown on the weekend. Lastly, the reporter listed out the price to have one night stand with stars in the market. According to the reporter,

Jerry is at the 2nd place that some ladies are willing to pay HK$ 8 millions for one night

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at


thanks to Yami for transferring

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Taiwan sightseeing spokespersons JVKV's VLOG

credits to yami @
Taiwan sightseeing spokespersons JVKV's VLOG

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Jerry's Blog April 13, 2007

source: starjerry and

Jerry's Blog April 13, 2007

thanks to yami @

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[Online Clip] Jerry Yan in Girls Marching On 2000

credits to myroyalhonee @ Jerry Yan Philippines
Please do Not Re-Edit the clip. Thank You.

when Reposting, credits to Jerry Yan Philippines

StarJerry News 12 April 07

source: and starjerry

StarJerry News 12 April 07

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translated by

Regarding April 22's meet session, Jerry has successfully obtained some tickets for members located at places other than Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. As this is an event hosted by Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the purpose is to promote Taiwan, so based on Taiwan Tourism Bureau's requirements, members from places other than Korea, Japan, and Taiwan who want to attend the meet session can receive the ticket on the day of the event with the followings:

1. the applied member's boarding pass showing travelling from other places to Taiwan on April 19-22
2. the applied member's passport with the nationality limited to places other than Korea, Japan, and Taiwan
a confirmation note released by StarJerry for the applied member

Whoever located outside Japan, Korea, and Taiwan wants to attend the meet session should email to SJ with your membership information to apply for the ticket. I think as the tickets are limited, it may be given out in a first come, first serve basis, or in a lucky draw. Please remember that ticket from SJ is for the member who applies for it only.

Launching of Wax Museum Featuring Jerry Yan [China]


credits to kkla

April 10
According to Da x of, the hardest part of making the wax figure was the eyes, as the artists couldn't find a part among the prepared ones which matches the color of the center part of Jerry's eyes, as Jerry's eye color is very special like the mix-blood type. At the end, they needed to create one exactly like Jerry's eye color in order to complete the eyes of the figure.

credit: 2004828815 of

some pictures for today's ceremony at the wax museum
fans said that the figure doesn't look like Jerry at all

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

looks so thin. i want to see some muscles!!!
whatever.still, am proud. bit disappointed. mixed emotions.hehe
"Isa lang ang Orig!" hehe

Translated News April 11
11 April 2007

Translated and Credits to Fatty2 @ Asianfanatics

According to this newsarticle, Jerry is busy learning Japanese & Korean for F4's tourism fan session on 4/22. And regarding Jerry's & Mr Feng's drama projects, Jerry wanted Director Chai but DC is too busy. And that the earliest the drama can start filming is the 2nd part of the year.

Billy also talked abt Lan Zheng Long & Jerry, the 2 "cool" guys. Said that Jerry is a very sensitive and soft hearted guy.

credits to

According to Lian He Bao (April 11, 2007), Jerry's agent consultant, Billy, indicates that he has tried very hard to know Jerry in fast speed in the last two months. He commented, "Jerry is very sensitive. He has a very soft part inside. When he hears how he is misunderstood by others, he can be very sad feeling like crying." In order to deal with the April 22nd Tourism Bureau event, Jerry is busy at learning Japanese and Korean. Regarding Jerry's new drama project with Mr. Feng Jia Rui, it is in the serious preparation stage. Although Jerry still wants to work with Director Cai again, Director Cai has a full schedule. Jerry is also involved in the script writing of the new drama project, and it won't start filming until the 2nd half of the year.

Heard that Director Cai's next project will cast the artistes of his own company, such as Xiu Jie Jie (Guan Xin's husband in TH),Zhang Jun Ning (Guan Xin in TH), etc..., may be the lawywer in TH as well?

Regarding airing of The Hospital in ABS-CBN

i hope it's ok to post your report [hehe] ...

miss you all [winks]


Posted by myroyalhonee of Jerry Yan Philippines @

Regarding airing of The Hospital in ABS-CBN

Please do not quote me on this as I am not employed by ABS, but I checked with a friend working for the network and she said their department has not received any request for drafting of any new contract for actually airing it, so she's not seeing it being shown anytime soon.. however, she was also told by the big bosses, as what they call the management, that it definitely will be shown within the year.. accordingly, theyre having difficulty looking for the perfect time when it will be shown as its storyline is of a very heavy drama, so they have to include airing it with more relaxed shows.. apart from that, they're like also "testing the waters" to make sure that the whole project will be a success.


credits to

A summary of Smap Station

A summary of Smap Station

Shingo ( you know!), Shinobu Otake (one of the big actress in Japan, and she stood left side of Shingo) and Ms. Oshita (an announcer of TV Asahi)

There were some questions for F4.

1st question.

Why did Meteor Garden appeal to people?

Jerry: Because of its well-written script. And each the roles fit the character.
Vic: I agree with Jerry. Japanese HYD became popular in Taiwan now. The content is very good, so it became very popular.
Ken: It's the director's effort!
Vanness: Original comic is very popular in Taiwan. It's a good time to watch dorama.

2nd question.

What scene made the biggest impression for you?

Jerry: Daomingsi and Shancai crying scene at the door.
Vic: Lei and Shancai hug each other at seaside.
Ken: A scene with Xiaoyou.
Vanness: I drove a Ferrari!

And which of SMAP members fit the characters in HYD?
Ms. Otake answered:

daomoingsi (domyoji) = shingo
lei (rui) = takuya
ximen (nishikado) = goro
mei zuo ( mimasaka) = nakai

Translation by Mayo
KCIFC Philippine Report

[Online Clip] F4 @ Showbiz Extra -Arirang

credits to mkayly

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to All.

I added the "Download Section Menu" located at the lower right portion of this blog.
Warning: you must login to download =p and Strictly No Reposting of the links to any other sites/forums

I'll try my best to upload "some more Jerry Goodies" so that everybody will be Happy.

Anyways, will try to also upload some of my works [MVs] ... I am planning to upload everything so that all of you can watch it ...

Updates of the recent Philippine Blog Awards to follow ... am still tired today ...

God Bless,

China Press of Malaysia

Free Image Hosting at

credit: michellesk of
source: China Press of Malaysia

Thanks to fans and readers' voting, Jerry is No. 1 (this week?) on the Popularity Chart in a survey conducted by China Press. The deadline of this vote is April 10.
[credits and thanks to]

Jerry Sent Flowers to ZZ

credits to

credit: Xi Xu Pian Pian of
ZZ had 3 meet sessions (1000 people for each) in Japan and this was the flowers sent by Jerry. Jerry was the only one who has sent the flowers.

Free Image Hosting at

When compared to other who presents as uncomplaining accepting/not care much, but actually goes to fan's site 3x a day requesting fans to vote, begging fans to receive him at the airport (not the meet sessions), and teaching fans how to 'show' their support in public, and doesn't say a word when reading posts of scolding Jerry on the fan site that he visits on a regular basis, I am so glad that I have chosen Jerry as my idol, as after 5 years, Jerry is proven to be a decent and honest person who takes challenges openly. He is loyal to the people whom he considers as friends, disregarding what they have done to him. I still remember in March 2006, before the HK F4 concerts, he was the only one who asked his fans to support F4, given the fact that he knew his request would upset some Jerry fans. Sometimes it is really not fair that Jerry always takes the blame concerning F4's business, when other can continue playing innocent, but fact is fact and the truth can't be covered up forever. After knowing more and more about Jerry, I admire myself more for choosing him as my idol. Jerry is a real man, and his good nature is the main factor which is worth my support and love for many many years!

Radio Interview

April 8, 20067
Credits and Translated by

The composer/producer of Jerry's You Are My Only Persistance, and TH's score and songs, Ms. Huang Yun Ling, promoted her concert on a radio program hosted by Ms. Li Xiu Huan (Jerry went on her program as well when he promoted for WV). For your information, Ms. Huang has composed over 300 songs. In the program,

thanks to barbies' information in Chinese

Huang: Actually, I have composed a song for Yan Cheng Xu recently, which was The Hospital's theme song. Honestly, when I composed the song, I didn't expect him to be so serious about it.

Li: Really!

Huang: Yes, he was really very hardworking and he worked on the song so seriously to the point where I had felt very touching already...He had already sung to the point where I said, "That's good," but then he said, "Teacher, you go ahead and take a rest. Let me continue singing." He was really hardworking.

Li: Yes, a lot of people think that these idols/singers' success solely come from the people around them/musicians behind the scene, but actually the idols themselves also give a lot of effort, so both sides should have credits. Like earlier, Yan Cheng Xu endorsed for WV, and he is really a down-to-earth and nice kid, but in front of the camera, he may not like...he just doesn't know how to interact with people lively, so there may be some individuality awkwardness on occasions.

Liberty Times - April 5, 2007

April 5, 2007
Credits to

According to today's Liberty Times, the copyright to broadcast TH in Japan has been sold for record high price, US$30,000 for each episode. According to Yu Xiao Wei (Director Cai's wife), they will apply Golden Bell's Best Actor Award for Jerry, Dai Li Ren, Wu Meng Da, and Zhang Guo Zhu.
I think Jerry and Dai Li Ren should be nominated for Best Actor Award, but Wu and Zhang's may be better for the Best Supporting Actor category.

StarJerry's New Message

April 5, 2007
StarJerry's New Message
Credits and Translated by

SJ has posted a message in Japanese on requesting fans who will attend the April 22 event to submit recommendations for the activity Jerry will have with them (SJ members who will attend the April 22 event) after the F4 meet session. Jerry is very supportive of the Tourism project. He doesn't need to do this, but he will arrange extra activity for SJ members who will meet F4 in TW. Too bad he is not the one who decided the targets of this Tourism project! Lucky Japanese and Korean fans!

Thanks to Kat's translation, so I understand what the message was about.

Fans Can Meet Taiwanese Band

Fans Can Meet Taiwanese Band

Korea Times
April 5, 2007
Source: KCIFC Philippines

The Korean office of Taiwan Tourism Bureau distributes free ticket to a fan meeting of Taiwanese boy band F4.

F4, goodwill ambassador to promote Taiwan tourism to the rest of Asia, will hold an international fan meeting for Korean and Japanese fans at Taiwan University in Taipei on April 22.

The tourism bureau provides the fan meeting tickets, which costs around 60,000 won, for free. Ten travel agencies have come up with one-night or two-night tour programs that include the fan meeting.

Those who do not want to buy the package programs can also take part in the meeting. They will be given a coupon of the event if they visit the tourism bureau’s Seoul office with round-trip flight ticket and passport that can prove they will be staying in Taiwan on the day of the fan meeting.

The coupon can be exchanged into the event admission ticket when submitted to visitor information center at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

For more information about the meeting and travel agencies that sell the programs, call (02) 732-2357 or visit

Top spots proposed for TV show

Top spots proposed for TV show

ROMANTIC GETAWAY: The Northeast Coast has become a `must-see' destination for Hong Kong couples visiting Taiwan to get pre-wedding glamour photos taken
By Shelley Shan
Sunday, Apr 08, 2007, Page 2

Kenting, the Love River in Kaohsiung and the Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort in Hualien have been voted as the top three possible settings for a romantic television series that will help promote Taiwan to the world, the nation's tourism bureau said yesterday.

The bureau launched an online survey in February to select an ideal setting for a romantic series called Wish to See You in Taiwan, which will be financed by the tourism bureau and will feature popular boy band F4.

The bureau, as the sole financer, has decided the TV series will be a romantic comedy featuring scenic spots that effectively promote Taiwan's characteristics.

The survey ended on the 15th of last month with hundreds of responses from domestic and overseas participants.

The survey attracted more than 450,000 visitors to its Web site and 648 proposed scenic spots.

In addition to the top three spots, some suggested that the settings include night markets, which would give viewers of the show a glimpse of tasty local foods.

Anping Tree House in Tainan County and some coffee houses known for their unusual interior design were also on the list of favorites.

Fans of F4 have also submitted ideas to the TV program's designers.

A Japanese woman wrote in an e-mail that she had fallen in love with Taiwan because of F4 and had since visited the country repeatedly. Like many tourists, she visited Taipei 101 and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. However, she recommended using Longshan Temple as a setting in the TV series, noting that the temple is designated as a top-rated national historical site. The devoted F4 fan said she had visited the temple on each of her trips to Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the bureau's campaign to attract more international tourists by promoting niche tourism, which lets tourists explore one particular aspect of a country, has proven effective. It noted this week that the nation's Northeast Coast had become a popular destination for couples engaged to be married.

A statement from the bureau's national scenic area administration in the northeast coast said that approximately 200 couples came to Taiwan from Hong Kong each month to have pre-wedding photos taken. Most of the couples said the Northeast Coast was a must-visit destination.

Around the coastal area, Yeliou Park, Laumei Park and Juming Museum are among the most popular sites for wedding photos.

"They [couples from Hong Kong] come because Taiwan offers quality wedding photos and plenty of beautiful scenery as a backdrop. And the service is delivered efficiently and at a relatively reasonable price," the statement said.

Korean fans enjoy free admission to F4 Fans Meeting

Korean fans enjoy free admission to F4 Fans Meeting

Date: April 4, 2007

Popular Taiwanese band F4 is going to hold a large-scale International Fans Meeting at the General Stadium of Taiwan University on the 22nd. This fans meeting is organized by the Taiwan Tourist Bureau.

This event is aimed at promoting Taiwan Tourism. F4, who seldom get together, will only invite Korean and Japanese fans to this extra-ordinary concert, which includes singing, dancing, sincere talks and inter-reactions.

Taiwan Bureau specially offers free admission tickets that worth $60,000 won to Korean fans.

Interested fans only need to purchase the 2-day-1-night or 3-day-2-nights package tour designated for the fans meeting event from couple specified travel agencies so as to enjoy this free admission.

Individuals will obtain an admission exchange coupon by presenting passport and Taiwan round trip flight ticket with event date (22nd) as the traveling date to the Taiwan Tourist Bureau office at Incheon.

On arrival at Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport, trade this exchange coupon for the event admission ticket at the Tourist Service Center located in the departure hall.

According to Taiwan Tourist Bureau’s plan, other than this fans meeting, F4 will film commercial ads and an idol drama (25 episodes about 60-minute each) with tourist attractions as the background. They will also issue “Tour of Hope” passport along with souvenirs like T-shirts, notebooks, passport covers, etc. Ample tourist promotional activities are about to run.

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Takuya Kimura and Jerry Yan [Translated Article]

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Takuya Kimura has a Radio show wherein he talks about his shows, live performances or even made some interlude for the fans, he even talked about F4's guesting on their show SMAPXSMAP. He said that the group F4 was very cute because after the show they even asked for a group picture and autograph from them.

Takuya even said: "After F4's portion was taped, I thought they already left, but after I finished taping the whole show, I was surprised to see Mr. Yan (there was a term Takuya used in addressing Jerry which is often used to call the elders) waiting for me. When he saw me coming he said: "Xin Ku le!" (literally means you've worked hard enough), then he said he was waiting for me to finish so we could have a picture together. I was wondering why he wanted to do it again since we just had one right after their portion was taped. In the end I learned that because I was dressed funny in the show, he wanted to have a picture with me in my usual look. He even waited for me to finish the taping. This left a very deep impression in me."

A Blogger's Prayer

A Blogger's Prayer

Hi Friends, I attended the awarding ceremony of 1st Philippine Blog Awards Last Saturday [will post more updates soon,i am so tired right now]

and here's an Opening Prayer by Father Stephen


So compassionate, so faithful, so loving You are Our Father.

We ask You to increase our faith and our love for You that we may use blogging as an instrument to fulfill Your purposes. May we become bloggers of truth and promoters of peace.

Help us to be steadfast in our Christian commitment that visitors may find in our blogs a source of encouragement and inspiration. Give us strength to proclaim Your word, that we may play our part in breaking down the walls of hostility in the world and use our blogs to strengthen the bonds of friendship, solidarity and love.

Make our hearts meek and humble
that we may treat our readers as friends, not as unique hits,
that we may strive to change ourselves for the better more often than we pimp our site templates,
that we may find more time to ease the pain of someone in our own home than to reply to comments left by strangers,
that we may interact with our next door neighbors as often as we chat with our blogrolled friends,
that we may be more concerned about helping the less privileged than about the number of subscribers to our RSS feeds.

Deliver us, Father, from spams and viruses, from pride and selfishness, and from the temptation to replicate images without permission and copy ideas without crediting the original authors.

May we always be united as a network of bloggers and friends working together in Your name. May our blogs lead us closer to You.

We ask all these through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.