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Re: Wu Zun Does Not Want To Carry Jerry Yan In His Carriage

Re: Wu Zun Does Not Want To Carry Jerry Yan In His Carriage
Source: Zhi You Bao
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Regarding Liberty Times' article, the reporter tried to create conflicts, to provide misleading information, and to draw Jerry into troubles. First of all, this 'basketball fire' is produced by GTV and Jerry should be busy at the projects by his own production company, Dreamdrama. Therefore, when Billy said that Jerry is still considering about it, he was not bluffing. BTW, Billy is a guy.

Second of all, in Chinese, the term "Tai Qiao" (lifting/carrying the carriage) for someone means a more powerful/superior one tries to help out the newcomer/less powerful/inferior one. In other words, we can say in Magic Kitchen, Sammi 'Tai Qiao' for Jerry, as she was more successful in HK movies than Jerry in 2003/2004. Also, in Love Scar, Jacky Zhang and Karen Mok 'Tai Qiao' for Jerry as at that time (Nov 2001) Jerry was just a newcomer even though MG1 has made him a household name in TW.

Regarding the reporters' snooping around Jerry's fan sites, it is not new, but recently, they like to go on As we know, they had stolen information from nbbbs before. Therefore, it doesn't matter which Jerry's fan site we post, we need to think about what is good for Jerry before providing any complaints or suggestions. It is true that some reporters always try to exergerate and to report only part, but not the whole story. It is also true that some TW fans have expressed disappointment in the April 22 project, as it doesn't allow TW fans to participate. However, this is a lesson we should all learn from it. Before fans complain, we should blame the right unit (not SJ or Jerry as they have no control over the arrangement). Actually, even if fans really have some friendly suggestions, I think it is better to email their suggestions to SJ directly. Otherwise, if the reporters pick up any complaints or suggestions, it is highly likely that they will twist the information and point their fingers to Jerry.

Lastly, when each member of F4 posted the same information about April 22 event that they have successfully obtained some tickets for overseas fans outside TW, Korea, and Japan. F3's fans all praised their idols for being considerate and fighting the tickets for them. On the contrary, some Jerry fans complained that Jerry/SJ is not doing enough. I think as Jerry fans, we need to think about this issue. Personally, I think we need to remember, Jerry is an actor/artiste, and he is only a human. His job is to provide good dramas and to produce good projects for us. His job is not getting tickets for us or organize fans gatherings. He is not that powerful in the show business. Although he is popular, he is not as powerful as those directors, producers, big bosses behind those production/management companies, or even the media. There is only so much he can do. As his supporters and as we know him, we need to believe in him. We should know that if he can, he will fight the benefits for us without us asking, like in May 2002, during his stamping session in HK for his photo album, the event was supposed to be held outdoor, but Jerry asked the organizer to hold the event indoor, so fans didn't need to stand under the sun for the whole day. Furthermore, Jerry's fans are all over the world. Even though SJ said that fans gathering will be arranged. Practically, it is not likely for Jerry to host fans gatherings in each country every year. A lot of time, Jerry's work is priority and it is more convenient for him/SJ if he has fans gatherings along with promotion for his projects. Didn't he just go to a lot of different countries when endorsing for WV? Hmm, we need to remind ourselves that we should not take his kindess for granted.

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