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A summary of Smap Station

A summary of Smap Station

Shingo ( you know!), Shinobu Otake (one of the big actress in Japan, and she stood left side of Shingo) and Ms. Oshita (an announcer of TV Asahi)

There were some questions for F4.

1st question.

Why did Meteor Garden appeal to people?

Jerry: Because of its well-written script. And each the roles fit the character.
Vic: I agree with Jerry. Japanese HYD became popular in Taiwan now. The content is very good, so it became very popular.
Ken: It's the director's effort!
Vanness: Original comic is very popular in Taiwan. It's a good time to watch dorama.

2nd question.

What scene made the biggest impression for you?

Jerry: Daomingsi and Shancai crying scene at the door.
Vic: Lei and Shancai hug each other at seaside.
Ken: A scene with Xiaoyou.
Vanness: I drove a Ferrari!

And which of SMAP members fit the characters in HYD?
Ms. Otake answered:

daomoingsi (domyoji) = shingo
lei (rui) = takuya
ximen (nishikado) = goro
mei zuo ( mimasaka) = nakai

Translation by Mayo
KCIFC Philippine Report

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