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Elegant Yan Cheng Xu, Send Away the Cheap He Run Dong

The headline of today's (May 11, 2007) Liberty Times

Elegant Yan Cheng Xu, Send Away the Cheap He Run Dong

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According to Liberty Times, due to Jerry's super selling power in overseas markets, Mia decided to choose Jerry as its endorser again yesterday with over NT$10 millions endorsement fee. In 2004, Mia invited Jerry as its endorser for NT$4 millions and this amount was sky-high at that time. (kkla: Please note that the endorsement in 2004 only lasted for a few months during his solo album promotion period) In 2005, Li Wei Lian was used. In 2006, Mia went back to invite Jerry again as its endoser with double endorsement fee due to Jerry's high popularity and numerous promotional activities, concerts, and fans gatherings. Regardless of the super buying power of Jerry's fans around Asia, Jerry's contract with Mia was not renewed by the end of 2006 as there was a rumor of Jerry's asking for over NT$10 millions endorsement fee. Therefore, He Run Dong was used with one million of endorsement fee.

Surprisingly, Mia indicated yesterday that Jerry would be its endorser again starting in May 07 for a year and Jerry is still Mia's favorite. He was used only during his 3-month album promotional period. Jerry's agent Zheng Mao Liang expressed appreciation yesterday.
Jerry's fans indicate that as long as the new commercial is out, they will organize group purchase to support Jerry. Starjerry also announced that the next fans gathering will be in August and the location may be in HK.

The new commercial may be filmed in June. (kkla: July has the Chinese Valentine's Day)

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