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Jerry and Wu Zun will play in "Basketball Fire"

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June 1, 2006

Today, TW Apple Daily reported that Jerry and Wu Zun will play in "Basketball Fire" and both idols will compete both on the court and in front of the camera. As Wu Zun is busy filming "My Princess" and establishing his newly opened gym, Jerry uses this opportunity to study the script, to take acting classes, and to practise his basketball skills ahead of Wu. Jerry's agent, Zheng Mao Liang, didn't want to express much but only said, "It is still under discussion." Through his agent, Wu indicates, "Looking forward very much to working together."

After filming The Hospital and establishing his own company, Jerry has stayed quiet up to this point. Now, he has upgraded to be an invester/owner, and become the owner of Dreamdrama and its only artiste. At the same time, he will work with Producer Feng Jia Rui filming GTV's new drama "Basketball Fire". In addition, the most looking forward to is that the new popular idol, Wu Zun, will play the main lead with Jerry, filming the TW version of Slam Dunk (kkla: a Japanese manga and anime series written by Takehiko Inoue about basketball). At this point, the project has reached the contract-signing stage, and the both handsomes will compete in their popularity and acting skills.

a chart by TW Apple Daily
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Wu (L) / Jerry (R)
Age: 27 yrs. (Win) / 30 yrs.
Height/Weight: 181cm - 74kg / 181cm - 70kg
Talent fee: NT$100,000 per episode / NT$330,000 per episode when filmed The Hospital (Win)
Basketball skills: Was a member of Brunei's national basketball team / good at mid-distance shooting ?
Group - Projects: Fahrenheit - Tokyo Juliet, Hana Kimi / F4 - TV dramas Meteor Rain and The Hospital, and movie Magic Kitchen
Rumored affairs: Ella, rumor of being married and having kids / Lin Zhi Ling

From: Sharp Bao (sister newspaper of TW Apple Daily)
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Report content was similar to above, except:
The two handsome guys actually know each other, as when Wu Zun first came to TW, they met through some mutual friends, and they played ball and had dinner together occasionally.
Wu Zun's agent denied any rivalry between the two and said, "He is just a rising newcomer when Jerry has the status of Heavenly King in Asia."

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