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Taiwan's idol card F4 strikes again to international tourists Waves

Taiwan's idol card F4 strikes again to international tourists Waves
their latest promotional ad to Japanese and Korean fans


If the phrase "Wish To See You in Taiwan" would be spoken by
ordinary people, perhaps it would not attract no one. However, if it
would come from F4, it would be different, and with the added
invitation gestures, it would send out screams from Taiwanese fans,
but crazy Japanese and Korean fans would scream even louder.
Considering F4's idol charms, they had become the Taiwan's Tourism
spokesmen for Northeast Asia. The Ministry of Communication' s
Tourism Bureau strike out for idol endorsers and asked F4 to shoot
the promotional TV ad which will be shown in Japan and Korea on
summer, which is estimated to attract more people to come for a
Taiwan tour.

The Ministry of Communications' Tourism Bureau invited F4 to shoot
for the tourism promotional TV ad "Wish To See You In Taiwan" to be
launched today (6/13). The short 30-second clip will present the
National Palace Museum, Kaohsiung's Love River, Yilan's National
Center for Traditional Arts as well as Taipei 101 as backgrounds. To
match up F4's charms, calligraphy sketches, sky lights, hand puppets
and 101 fireworks was used in the concept. Tourism Bureau chief Lai
Se Zhen said that previously, Taiwan offered no packages in the
night market, fortune telling, small basket wraps as well as
colorful finger painting and many more. However, this year, F4's
overall image frame designs will not only promote them but will
carry out a livelier and more refined tour packages. This year's
Japanese tourists influx is hoped to exceed last year's 1.16 million
people to reach 1.23 million tourists while Korea's last year
figures of 190,000 tourists to increase to 210,000.

Aside from the promotional advertisement, the Toursim Bureau will
begin shooting for it's idol drama on the third week of July, that
is expected to be shown in Japan, Korea and other countries in
December.Initial plan is for Zaizai and Ken to act in the drama
while on October, F4 will hold another Fan's Meeting that is hoped
to attract more than 6,000 fans to come to Taiwan. At present, this
30-second TV ad will be shown in 14 Japanese and 13 Korean TV
channels on July and August, and flight bookings will be monitored.
Taiwanese fans need not be disappointed. At the Taiwan Tourism
Bureau website, fans can watch F4 presenting their unmatched charms.

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