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The Hospital DVD/VCDs HK Version

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Singtao has an article about the HK version of TH DVD and VCD. It mentioned that the audio dubbing in the DVD/VCD attains good praises and is better than the TV version (different from TV version which has cuts).

There are several versions in HK..
-Mandarin DVD Box 1-2
-Cantonese VCD Box 1-4 (with original Mandarin audio/subtitles and Cantonese dubbing)
-Cantonese DVD Box 1-2 (includes photo album), DVD Box 2 has 60-min bonus track featuring TH premiere, behind-the-scenes footage, interview with the director and cast.

Singtao is giving away 10sets of VCDs worth HK$780 each to 10 lucky winners. Readers who send in the coupon on the newspaper can join the raffle.

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