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Translated News 8/21

August 21, 2007
Lian He Bao

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According to Lian He Bao, Qin Statue, an over 160-million? tv drama project, which will be produced/organized by Li Bi Hua, a famous writer in HK. (The original author of Qin Statue was also Li Bi Hua) Yan Cheng Xu has been offered to play the role of Meng Tian Fang, a general in the Qin Dynasty. As this will be Yan Cheng Xu's first ancient role, there is rumor that his talent fee is close to US$20,000 per episode.

Qin Statue is planned to start filming in October. According to the production company, Yan Cheng Xu has expressed his desire for the role. However, Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Chang Mao Liang, indicates that Yan Cheng Xu has received quite a number of offers/scripts, so it is not confirmed which one he will play. According to Mao Liang, he has received the script. However, regarding Yan Cheng Xu's next step, he urged people not to make any wild guess. Regardless, his agent is going to wisely and carefully choose a good script/project for him, and it will be easier on him.

According to information, Qin Statue's script has come to the last editing stage, and Gordon Chan will be the Director, Huang Qiu Sheng be Qin Shi Huang (The first emperor of Qin Dynasty), Zeng Zhi Wei be Xu Fu, etc...
Gordon Chan has directed dozens of movies in HK and he is a wonderful action-movie director. This novel has been adapted into a movie over 10 years ago. At that time, Director Zhang Yi Mou was the male lead and Gong Li was the female lead.

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in the United Daily newsarticle, it was said that a HK production team planned a big budget tv drama serial version of the movie The Myth ( starring Jackie Chan & Korean actress Kim Hee Sun). this story is based on reincarnation theme. the HK production team wants Jerry to play the lead role of General Meng, a general to the 1st Emperor of China (Qin Shi Huang) during the ancient Qin regime. Emperor Qin is the one that build the great wall of China. in the movie version, General Meng fell in love with the Korean princess which was sent to China as 1 of the many wifes of Emperor Qin. unfortunately, when Emperor Qin died, the Korean princess was 1 of the many wifes & concubines selected to die to accompany Emperor Qin in his afterlife. General Meng was the escort to the secret burial place of the Emperor. the story then moves on modern times when General Meng was reincarnated.

its said that Jerry is offered US$20,000.00 per episode for this serial which is scheduled to start filming in Oct. 2007. & that this will be Jerry's 1st ancient drama serial. its speculated that since Jerry, during the Mia event, has not confirmed abt participating in BOF & has said that he will be busy working overseas, it maybe bcos of this ancient serial. when Matt Cheng was contacted, he said they have received the script for the above tv serial & that Jerry has many scripts on hand but he has not decided on any yet. & also for the media not to speculate on Jerry's future projects.

seems that the Hk production team has almost finalised all the arrangements for the ancient settings, soldiers, horses, etc, etc. & that they are now waiting for Jerry's reply to the role of General Meng. for the role of Emperor Qin, they are contemplating HK veteran actors such as Anthony Wong or Eric Tsang.

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