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Jerry's Yen charm defeats tyhoon, MIA's press conference was carried out as planned, attracting 1300 fans from Asia. Fans risk danger to attend, and Jerry was all smiles unlike his usual cool behavior. Today is Chinese Valentine's Day, he wished to have someone who cares for him by his side.

At the press conference, Jerry conquered 1000 over Japanese fans with his smiles and simple Japanese. Amongst was a 71 year old grandma who was invited on stage by Jerry. She immediately "pounced" onto him and hugged him tightly.

As Jerry maintained his smile for around 2 hours, everyone says he was changed. After the event, Jerry expressed, actually he don't really like to smile. Being a guy, he do not like to be said as "looks cute when he smiles". But he realised that by smiling, he can make others happy, so he's willing to smile more.

Longing for love

Although he's an asia supertar, Jerry revealed that he does not have self confidence, but longs for love. He said, even if he's unable to meet with his loved one everyday, but he longs to have the feeling of knowing someone who cares for him is around. As for whether that person is Lin Zhiling, he replied shyly: "Until now, we will still concern about each other."

Today is Chinese Valentine's Day, Jerry revealed that he once admired a gal secretly for 4 to 5 years. His heart will beat very fast by just seeing her from afar. Once, just to have a look at her, he waited for more than 10 hours. But he refused to say anything abt the gal's identity.

He also shared a Valentine's Day story. Previously, an ex-galfren choosed to breakup with him on V day. At that time, he was unhappy, thinking that it's cruel to breakup on V day. But he found out later that he made a mistake, that day wasn't V day at all.

As for the basketball drama which will start filming in September, he expressed in a reserved manner, till now it's not confirm if he will be filming. But he praised Wu Zun as a modest and innocent child. He said although he often works overseas, he knows that Wu Zun and Yang Zong Wei are currently very popular in Taiwan.

Source: 19.08.2007
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