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Yan Cheng Xu Was Disclosed To Be Difficult, Basketball Of Fire, Unable To Burn

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August 30, 2007
TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Was Disclosed To Be Difficult, Basketball Of Fire, Unable To Burn

The rumor of Basketball Of Fire being terminated has been widely spred. Originally, it was planned to start filming in September. However, it is rumored that Yan Cheng Xu, as one of the investors, has been so dominant and difficult that he unhappily disbanded with the invester from Mainland China. So will he play the role or not? Yesterday, his agent, Zhang Mao Liang said, "It is in the last stage of evaluation."

Yan Cheng Xu, producer Feng Jia Rui, and director Cai Yue Xun have prepared the idol drama "Basketball Of Fire" for 3 years. The other male lead has been determined to be the popular newcomer, Wu Zun. Unexpectedly, it has faced a lot of obstacles. Firstly, it was the leaving of director Cai, and now even Yan Cheng Xu is rumored to quit. Other than what he said "Have only received 5 episods of scripts", the female lead is still unknown. In addition, information from the Mainland China's investor indicates that Yan Cheng Xu has withdrawn his investment and quitted filming the drama. The main reason was that he has involved too much and it led to unpleasant disagreement.

Yan Cheng Xu Has Attracted A Lot Of Negative Rumors Because of BOF
Honourably Get On The Cover Of Japanese Magazine

Last week, Yan Cheng Xu confirmed in person that he might not play BOF. Yesterday, Zhang Mao Liang indicates, "The presence of those rumors is because he is like a big tree which attracts the wind easily. He has never invested, then how would he withdraw the investment?" When confirmed with Wu Zun's agent, Chen Hui Ying, she said, "Never heard of it. Haven't contacted with the production team for a long time."

Yan Cheng Xu may not burn with the BOF, but his popularity has spred to Japan rapidly and intensely. Next week, he will promote The Hospital in Japan for its broadcast on NHK-BS channel starting October 4. He is also honourably on the cover of Japanese Magazine, Women Weekly.


Interesting! If Jerry did invest and became the producer, isn't it natural for him to get involved? Then why he was called difficult again just because he got involved? If Jerry didn't invest, how can one actor impact the invester's decision to withdraw the investment? So, blaming Jerry again for problems? I am curious about "have only received 5 episodes of scripts." May be this is the main reason. Nevertheless, Jerry has never released news/confirmed to play the role.

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