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Translation from Kat’s post, translated the Japanese translator’s blog.

Translation from Kat’s post, translated the Japanese translator’s blog.

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At NHK yesterday morning, There was already more than 300 people in the queue,Could they be wanting to see the 2 pm show?
The weather is so hot . . .and the personnel are saying that the people will keep
And also that entry has to be balloted!
In the end, more than 2100 people have to draw lots. {The Fans’ Hearts are the Most Pitiable
in the World}
I spent 25,ooo yen to see Jiang Wen’s new movie in Beijing with my son
These fans queued for 4 hours just to see Jerry for 15mins
Who is greater?
The latter would be the one!

I was sitting beside Jin Ge so I was diagonally opposite Jerry
I was doing the Japanese translation and if Jerry wasn’t looking at Jin Ge, he would turn
towards me and look right at me (Please do forgive me, dear fans)
He is such an innocent guy that he can so naturally look right at you!
Then unknowingly I was drawn to his eyes
In front of the camera, it’s inconvenient not look at each other but then suddenly it
focuses on me
Stopped looking at Jerry midway and I pretended to make notes
Now I truly understand how at a Press Conference, Zhang Jun Ning* said when she was doing
the proposal scene with Jerry, it was so hard for her to refuse him!
Lead actress of {The Hospital}

In the morning, it’s the shoot on San You Jin Ge’s dialogue for the show This happened during the shoot of
Before the typing, it was told that when replying he must look at the host {Xiao Ye Wen Hui}
It was reminded
But when he was replying, he would unintentionally look towards my way
The Interpreter for Chinese, Ms Hong would remind softly, “look at the host.”
So I didn’t look at him but at the audience
The Jerry that I’ve seen really makes me understand how he said that his naïve and simple
ways are like Su Yi Hua!
He is already 30 years old and has been a Star for many years and yet he is so naturally
himself, he’s really something
An actor has two methods to a role, one is to use technique and another is to be natural
Dai Li Ren is the former whereas Jerry is the latter
How captivating the character is due to his charisma!
So the one who is able to put real emotions into a role is stronger than the actor who uses
It’s great cause once the emotions are infused into the role, it can be felt through the
When the cameraman asks for a certain look for the shot, one could simply do that
It’s hard to imagine though innocent he could create an atmosphere of such alluring charisma
I felt that. . Oh! This is inborn where one is destined to be noticed by all!
I’ve been at shoots often but I’ve very seldom seen how one can infuse such emotions! 、I hope that {The Hospital} would be as popular as the [The Winter Sonata]
It would be great if Jerry was the debonair rich guy who smiles!
That would be the real moment which marks the era of the ‘Chinese Trend’!

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