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MIA - Jerry Design Collection

MIA - Jerry Design Collection


Jerry design collection


Everyone has his/her own story
I wish to make mine into markings in a book
Every page in the book records laughter and tears
I¡¦ll share with you when I am happy
I¡¦ll be with you when you are sad
Save every piece of the wonderful memories in ¡§Jerry Story¡¨
In the journey of life, let me hold your hand every step of the way
Please read carefully this story that brings you fortune
Let this story of fortune go on

You are the angels in my heart
Angels with innocent smiles and tender hearts
Because you are truly with me
I feel so touched by fortune
This feeling will stay with me forever
It will travel with me to the end of earth
When I am working toward my goals, I will not forget your silent support
Wish to become the necklace that represents ¡§Jerry¡¨, to be with you all the time
No matter wherever you are, I will be here
Be with you till the end of time
If there is ¡§forever¡¨, it will be my promise to you
Wish you would never be lonely.

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NO-1(Jerry design collection)

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Jerry design 2 * J FOR YOU *

J For You 1

J For You 2

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Yearly Great Work ~ First Showing of Jerry Yan’s Design NO-2(Jerry design collection)

Jerry’s second design idea:

This is the picture from the last Valentine’s Day promotion shoots. I really like it.
Very cool… So I saved it.

I thought about you who are always behind me. Yet we are seldom together. How could I convey through my design the desire to accompany you often? So I used the shadow that I like (Can you recognize me?) and added it to the word JERRY. I thought about you moving to tears, so I added a little jewel as an accessory especially. This says my thoughts are with you. They are sparkling in yours and my hearts. Let me reincarnate as the necklace and the bracelet to accompany you everyday.

Jerry’s design epilogue:

During the design of this product, I made many revisions. Sometimes the simpler the design, the harder it is to make it perfect. After repeated communications with the Mia Mold Master, happily I was finally able to finish it by the deadline. Hope you can feel my attentiveness and efforts. My being the first time designer, your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Jerry Story 1

Jerry Story 2

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Yearly Great Work ~ First Showing of Jerry Yan¡¦s Design
NO-1(Jerry design collection)


Mia Jewelry presents the complete design work of Jerry~
During a casual conversation more than a year ago, the fate and opportunity for a joint product design between Mia and Jerry was planted. Today, more than a year later, Mia and Jerry¡¦s dream finally comes true.

Jerry has represented Mia close to a thousand days. In addition to his fondness for the brand and products, he slowly developed the enthusiasm and interest in product design. Even though Jerry is not a professional designer, but he felt excited to express his dreams and favorite things in the design of silver jewelry. He also hopes to allow people to know him better and to get closer to him through his product design.

In October, the first phase comes to fruition as a result of the joint efforts of Mia and Jerry

There are four products from two design ideas. Following is the efforts of the last three months to share with you.

Jerry's first design idea:

This idea is based on my favorite things and dreams. It includes the following

Basketball ~My favorite exercise

Everytime when I play basketball, I can concentrate on the present. I can also forget unpleasant things. After a sweaty exercise, all my troubles get cleared away.

Cargo pants are part of my important ensemble. No matter whether I¡¦m in a photo shoot or acting, they accompany me all over the world. I like to be natural, casual and relaxed. Just like the cargo pants that give the impression of intimacy and closeness.

Books~My best friend to spend time

Reading a book is like making a new friend.
Reading a book is like walking into a story. Wish that I were like a good book to you. Doesn¡¦t matter whether happy or sad, let us share. Read me. listen to me. Understand me¡K

Cowboy boots~the extension of my dream

Owning a ranch has been the dream deep in my heart. White clouds like cotton candies hanging in the blue skies, horses running happily¡Kendless green grass. These are the sceneries that I dream about. Cowboy boots are necessary items for a rancher like me!

Jerry's design epilogue:

Used the combination of basketball, cargo pants, book and cowboy boots to form a product design. Expressed the design in necklaces and bracelets. The book can be opened. I was very diligent, wasn't I!

Bracelets have four of my favorite things also. Hope you'll like them


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