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Oct 11, 2007 - China Times

Oct 11, 2007 - China Times

The ratings of TH in Shanghai were not outstanding due to lack of promotion and poor broadcast time (kkla: and also due to piracy, a lot of people have watcched it online, and the long holidays this month). It is so very different from the ratings in Japan. After TH has been broadcasted on the BS Channel, wonderful reviews were received. In addition to the hot sales of his DVD photo albums and official mechandise, it is rumored that Jerry will rent a place in Japan, continue improving his Japanese, and focus his career on the Japanese market.

Regarding renting a place in Japan, his agent denied and indicates that there is no such plan at this point, but Jerry will surely continue learning Japanese. Yan Cheng Xu, who is in TW at this time, just finished taking the advertising photos for the silver jewelry (Jerry design collection) that he endorses. More series of products will be out in Christmas.

On the 28th, F4 will meet with fans again for the Tourism Bureau and the day before Jerry will have a fans gathering with 1500 fans by lucky draw. It was rumor that Jerry will accept the role in BOF and film it with Wu Zun, and his role will be revised. On the other hand, his agency indicates that nothing has been decided yet.

kkla: Based on the content of tons of blog articles about TH collected by fans, TH's impact on the audiences is way way beyond what the ratings represent.

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