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Following in the footsteps of his very "close friend" Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan is eyeing the silver screen again. The first time around, he starred in an obscure romantic comedy Magic Kitchen. That was three years ago. Yan's reentry into the coveted movie biz is most likely to be grand and in style as the star was last week caught by paparazzi attending a dinner meeting with not one but three doyens of Hong Kong's cinema industry: Stanley Kwan; Wong Kar-wai; and William Chang.Gossip hounds staking out the joint caught the heartthrob off guard as he walked out of the restaurant after six hours of eating, drinking and getting acquainted with the showbiz movers and shakers. Swiftly escorted and pushed into a car by his escort/agent, Yan disappeared into the night, leaving pundits to ponder the star's next move.

By Ho YiSTAFF REPORTER Friday, 2007 October 12, Page 14

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