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“Basketball of Fire” Begins Filming, “Fans Support” Competition

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Taiwan

Submitted by o_ost1nao_o

“Basketball of Fire” Begins Filming, “Fans Support” Competition


The country’s 3 biggest male idols, Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Zun are filming a new drama “Basketball of Fire.” Today, November 21st, they held an open press conference, which not only attracted tons of fans, but ever since the preparation of filming, there has been a constant “battle” of pay, rank, and role. It was thought that during the press conference, they’d officially talk about this “battle,” but it turned out that none of the three actors had any sort of resentment towards each other, “no smell of gun powder.” Turns out that Jerry and Wu Zun had known each other before, and had been good friends with Show, so the three just expressed that the ranking “battle” is all works of the media, and that they hope everyone will put their focus on the drama performances. At the press conference, they officially announced the commencement of the filming of “Basketball of Fire.”

This is unlike any other drama, “Basketball of Fire” has very high production cost. They plan to film 90 minute episodes, 13 in total, $60 Million TWD. They’re planning to release this drama in the summer of 2008 in complement with the Olympics fever. And at the end of next year, overseas countries that include: Japan, Korean, South Eastern Asia, Hong Kong, and more will also begin to air the drama. This will definitely trigger an unprecedented wave in the Asia.

In the drama, Coco Chiang (Jiang Yi) will be playing the role of a basketball coach; she also attended the press conference as well. Since, “Angel Lover,” she will re-enter idol drama acting. This time she will not only have to keep her picturesque image on screen, but she will have to study basketball moves and reinforce the character’s personality. This is going to be a breakthrough for Coco.

Show Luo’s Love for basketball is renowned in the entertainment industry. The role he’ll be playing, “Yuan Da Ying,” made a big impression on him. He [Yuan Da Ying] has an extremely friendly personality, agility and potential unbounded, with a basketball dream to acheieve; he’ll be a vibrant character in Basketball of Fire. As for Jerry, he’ll be playing the role of the wealthy, basketball prodigy star, Dong Fang Xiang. Not only did he [Dong Fang Xiang] establish an undefeated record, he’s also a very welcomed basketball player. For this drama, Jerry had specially made time to film it, in hopes that everyone will be able to see a different him. Wu Zun’s character “Wu Ji Zun,” is on the enemy team against Jerry and Show, he [Wu Ji Zun] has held 3 consecutive high school records as MVP, and has been imaginary enemy of many basketball players. In the drama, there will be amazing basketball sequences between Dong Fang Xiang and Yuan Da Ying and Wu Ji Zun.

At the press conference, there was absolutely no sign of rivalry amongst the three actors, but the fans off stage were fighting amongst themselves. They all really cared about their favorite idols’ ranking and roles - the scene it was like a competition between fans of the actors. This drama, “Basketball of Fire” with the collaboration of 3 big idols will definitely break a record of idol drama TV ratings.

Translated by o_ost1nao_o

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