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Massive Re-Layout!

Massive Re-Layout!

Hello friends,

I am currently thinking of how am i going to improve this blog, so i decided to post an announcement tonight:

Bear with me if there'll be some changes here. I will try my best to give you the latest updates (news, photos, videos). Been busy for months right now (I have a NEW LIFE, YEY!) but it doesn't meant that i would NO longer updating this site (haha, i won't leave you, my KUYA! [big bro]).hehehe!

Sorry for not updating. As i've said, am so DAMN BUSY (hehehe) how i wish i have a super fast computer at home so that i can browse when i got home (hehehe) ...

I am thinking of new strategies ... hmmm ... right now i am still working on the pages. Hopefully to finish re-layouting and transferring within the week (Good Luck for me). I'll be busy this coming weekend (downloading time!!!), "I miss netopia so much! haha" I still don't have money to buy a new pc...hay i hope 2008 will be a better year for me.

Anyways, Thank You for Continuing patronizing this blog. I really appreciate it. According to our statistics, visitors are coming in and give me a good traffic (estimated 25,000 hits) i still have to figure out if there are some regular visitors(???).

Till here and More power!

God Bless Everybody

JYP Blog WebMaster (hehe)

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