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Nov. 21, 207 - Liberty Times

Nov. 21, 207 - Liberty Times

According to the reporter, Yi Wei Chi, with the talk of whether Yan Cheng Xu or Luo is "Yi Ge" (meaning like No. 1 guy) has been around for days, in the press conference, GTV listed out Yan Cheng Xu first, then Luo, and Wu on invitation cards. GTV explained that this arrangement is based on the time they have participated in dramas. With all the obstacles, it was not easy for GTV to group all 3 "Yi Ge"s together, and GTV didn't clearly indicate who is the real "Yi Ge".

Regarding who would speak first in the press conference, it would be the director. After that, the director would decide who to follow.

As the press conference was open for fans to attend, all three artistes' fans have started their master-supporting projects. Not just the fans in TW need to skip work/school, fans from overseas will come to TW from different locations, such as HK, Japan, etc...

Although Wu will have fewer parts in Hot Shot, his fans have planned to show his popularity in public.

kkla: The tone of GTV and Liberty Times' news was ok on Nov. 21.
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