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Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily (Comparing Idol Drama Actors)

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

TW Apple Daily reported when comparing idol drama actors' yearly income, Jerry is no. 1 with app. NT50 millions in 2007, 2nd is ZZ with NT48 millions, and Ken is the 3rd with NT27 millions. The 4th is He Jun Xiang with NT22.5 milliions and no. 5 is Zheng Yuan Chang with NT18.5 millions.

No1. Yan Cheng Xu
endorsement: Mia silver jewelry, Pepsi, and Contact lens in Mainland China, about NT27 millions
DVD photo album 2 pieces: NT10 millions
Endorsing for Tourist Bureau: NT8 millions
Membership fee of his official website: NT5 millions (kkla: Huh? )
Total: NT 50 millions

kkla: If the above information is accurate, Jerry still doesn't make much profit as others, as he has his own company and official website that need a lot of money to maintain.

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