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Basketball of Fire/Hot Shots - News Updates

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November 3, 2007
Lian He Bao

After Wu Zun's agent, it is Show Luo agent's turn to release news. Today, a news article on Lian He Bao reported that Show once wanted to quit after the media ignored the fact that he is also Hot Shot's main lead, the same as Yan Cheng Xu. It was also reported how busy he is.

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November 5, 2007
Lian He Bao

Obviously this news article was released by GTV. It was reported that the overseas copyright of Hot Shot has been sold for NT$67.9 millions but the production fee is estimated to be NT80 millions, much more than the previous budget of NT$60 millions. Then it was reported how great GTV is that it decides to continue the project, as its goal is to promote Chinese dramas to overseas markets and TW's tourism. In the last paragraph, it was reported that the amount of NT67.9 millions has not included the profits from commercials or official merchandise. I think it has not included the profits from the release of official DVD/cd/vcd neither, not mentioning the sales of overseas copyright is not complete.

Well, with Yan Cheng Xu alone, TH's copyright was sold for over NT100 millions around the world, with US20,000 per episode in Japan. Now, HS's copyright was sold for US30,000 per episode in Japan because of Jerry, but the total copyright sales amount is smaller? Either this is misleading or GTV should fire the one who did the mathematics.

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accdg to the newsarticle, the filming site was in TaiChung & it was a fighting scene of Jerry & Show against a group of uniformed ppl (shld be those guys wearing the weird silver outfit). the newsarticle wrote that Jerry did the fighting scene very well.

as posted by josslyn of AF
and they also said that jerry was driving a sports car in the drama, but they did not allow reporters to take pics of the car....

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