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BOF - Hot Shot - Source: Yam News -12-12-07

posted by kkla

Dec 12, 2007
Source: Yam News -12-12-07
credit: translation by Cmiley@AF

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu), Jerry Yan & Wu Zun starring in GTV's "Hot Shot" [Patriarchal], is quickly becoming "3P Broke Back Shot", the day before the 3's first scene together, Xiao Zhu first had to fly over Wu Zun then over to Jerry's car "shake the car", because Xiao Zhu's strength was too strong, he actually dented a hole.

The 3's fans have been supporting, but personally the 3 has no gun powder. Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun were going through their scenes under the huge sun, they were both soaked with sweat all over, and even took off the shirts, comparing who had more sweat; Jerry and Xiao Zhu during breaks shared taro chips, Jerry still didn't leave even after his scenes were done, staying behind to watch Xiao Zhu act.

Xiao Zhu's scenes in "Hot Shot" is really heavy, the first shot he was arranged to chase back what his grandmother gave him "Golden Basket Ball", not caring for himself jumping from buses, zig zagging through busy traffic, displaying personal bouncing abilities. Seeing Wu Zun handsomely riding in a motorcyle, Jerry driving in air conditioning, his sour heart says: "This scene is really big, but why are both of them so relaxing!"

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