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Yan Cheng Xu Vs Fanny is like mother and son

Dec 29, 2008 - Lian He Bao


The superstar on screen is everyone's idol, but as the superstar's agent who is close to him/her, he/she is always the one who knows the superstar's personalities the best. After a long time of interaction, there are a lot of interesting stories.
Yan Cheng Xu Vs Fanny is like mother and son

Fanny is Yan Cheng Xu's agent and she has worked by his side for 7 years. Yan Cheng Xu, who looks cool on the outside, can't feel secured without Fanny's company. Fanny said jokingly that the interaction style between them in the past was like big sister and little brother, but now it has turned to like mother and son. She studied abroad in New York for one year, and Jerry sponsored her tuition, and he also requests all the agents to finish all the food when eating out.

There was a time, Jerry wanted to invest very badly, and Fanny could only play the bad guy for stopping him. She even said something like "If he dares to invest, I will hit him dead", and he finally dropped the idea.

In Fanny's eyes, Jerry is like a child. Sometimes, he is very naughty, but other times, he is very sweet. She said, "In a lot of matters, he doesn't like to show everything, but he likes to give people surprises. Like last year, I once mentioned to him that I wanted to study abroad for a while. I didn't expect him to bare it in mind. Yan Cheng Xu sponsored her tuition for studying in New York for a year which was close to NT1 million. She said, "There's an assistant's father who underwent a surgery. He just visited him in the hospital after work without mentioning to us at all. He really takes good care of the people around him."

Yan Cheng Xu is very thrifty in private, as he came from a single-parent home that his family's situation was not good when he was young. Therefore, he treasures all the food. When he has meals with his staff, he always requests them to finish all the food. Fanny is a beauty, but due to his request, although she needs to face the risk of getting fat, she has no other ways but following his request. Therefore, whenever Jerry initiates eating out, Fanny's scalp starts to get numb. She joked, "So we are also under a lot of pressure."

kkla: Read that a lot of stars have lost half of his/her money during the finance tsunami. From the above, it seems likes Jerry didn't invest much, so he might not lose much like others. Lucky for him.

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Liberty Times - December 4 (Jerry Yan's 2009 Calendar)

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I guess today's news was released by JVR. It was reported although the price is about 2500 yen, Jerry's newest 2009 calendar set has been released, and over 30,000 copies have been sold. This time, the photographer who used to take photos for Jay was invited to take photos for Jerry. Some reporters commented that he tries to use the look with glasses to compete with Pei Jun Yong. The 300 limit editioned watch for sale on his official website were also sold well, and they were sold out in 2 days. He has reserved the No. 001 watch for his mom as gift. In addition, on Dec. 20, he will have a meet session with fans in HK. He has informed the media in advance that media won't be invited, as it is a private meeting between him and fans.
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Source: singtao

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Japanese Women’s Weekly 16th Dec 2008

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Japanese Women’s Weekly 16th Dec 2008

Jerry’s Skip Beat {Challenge of Elegance}
Interviewer : Sen Ming Zi
Translator : Ying Zi

The #1 Dashing Guy in the Entertainment Circle, how is the Chinese actor like in person?

Jerry Yan a member of Asia’s hot band F4, will be acting the manga inspired ‘Skip Beat’ as Superstar Ren Tsuruga in this Taiwanese and Japanese collaboration.

He said it himself,‘There are quite a few similarities between me and the character.’

When one sees his seriousness at work and the parts where he makes mistakes, it feels like seeing one’s own laughter.

The most handsome actor in Asia Jerry Yan will be acting as Ren Tsuruga known for his dashing looks and #1 Mr. Dashing in the show.

Yet he expressed, ‘I don’t think I am handsome. My eyes, nose and mouth are nothing to talk about. I like my fingers the best.’

The reporter sighed, ‘Not at all, not at all.’ Seeing his handsome looks up close makes one’s heartbeat quicken and his hairstyle is so perfect.

Jerry Yan one the other hand asked, ‘Really? I feel that Zai’s blue dyed hair in the concert really looks good. I can’t do that. At times I think I might as well shave it all off.’ {Jerry, please don’t ever do that – Ying Zi, }

Reporter said, ‘Oh, please don’t do that.’ Seeing his dashing looks, he is not proud nor putting on an act but just the opposite, he is very humble.

Causes One To Stare With Eyes Wide Open

Jerry Yan continued, ‘Although I am an artiste, I’m neither very eloquent nor clever so all I can do is to work hard. To repay all my fans for their support with my best work. ’

I really looking forward to the latest work of this dashing guy as he is so full of confidence about it.

Jerry Yan's new album to be released 1st 1/2 of next year, have recorded a few new songs

Jerry Yan's new album to be released 1st 1/2 of next year, have recorded a few new songs

This year's Golden Melody Award Best Group Winner - Da Zui Ba (Big Mouth) have recently released a digital single "Always by my side" which is a cover version of a Japanese hit song "So ba ni i ru ne" by Teruma Oayama.
It seemed that Jerry had also tried to get the rights to sing the same song but had to give it up after losing it to Da Zui Ba

Jerry Yan was supposed to release his new album end of this year but is delayed to 1st half of next year as it is yet to compete. It is rumoured that it was considered to cover a Japanese song in his new album in consideration of Japanese fans. Teruma Oayama's "So ba ni i ru ne" was a popular hit song in Japan this year, and Da Zui Ba's lead female vocalist Ai Sha also chose the same song and they won the rights to sing since the copyrights of the song is with Universal Music.

When Ai Sha heard that Jerry also tried to achieve to cover the song, she said: "I also hope he can sing the song. Our version is group singing while his is solo, it wil be a different feeling." The orginal Japanese lyrics is about a resultless long distance love relationship but Da Zui Ba's mandarin version changed it to a happy ending.

Jerry's management company expressed: "It is the norm to consider many songs when choosing songs, we did enquire about the song but later decided not to include the song after style of the whole album was confirmed."

credit Michi@ OnlyF4

Jerry Yan tops TW Idol Drama Artist 2008 Revenue List

Jerry Yan tops TW Idol Drama Artist 2008 Revenue List

thanks to asianfanatics
Taiwan idol drama artist in 2008 revenue list is out. Jerry, because of F4's high popularity and his own super money sucking power, is the No. 1 money sucking king with NT58 millions of talent fee in 2008. (HK): 13,500,000 yuan

This year, he filmed the idol drama "Hot Shot" and "Starlit", with talent fee of about NT$500,000 to NT$650,000 per episode of 60 minutes, advertising fee of 10,000,000 per ad as well as held F4's 7 night concert in Japan.

Rainie Yang with 12,800,000 gets second place; Just after winning in Golden Bell & surge in popularity this year, Ariel Lin ranks third.l

in HK dollars

No.1 Jerry Yan Cheng Xu an estimated revenue (HK): 13,500,000 yuan
No. 2 Rainie Yang revenue estimates (HK): 12,800,000 yuan
No. 3 Ariel Lin estimated revenue (HK): 11,780,000 yuan
No. 4 Wu Zun revenue estimates (HK): 11,640,000 yuan
No. 5 Jiro Wang estimated that revenue (HK): 8,380,000 yuan
No. 6 Mike He Jun Xiang revenue estimates (HK): 7,960,000 yuan
No. 7 Ming Dao revenue estimates (HK): 7,870,000 yuan
No. 8 Vic Zhou, Aaron Yan revenue estimates (HK): 6,980,000 yuan
No. 9 Joe Cheng revenue estimates (HK): 5,900,000 yuan
No. 10 Joe Chen Qiao En estimated revenue (HK): 4,780,000 yuan

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Jerry with You in Hong Kong 2008 (STARJERRY)

December 20
HK International Trade and Exhibition Center

StarJerry members if you are interested to join please logon to Starjerry and visit this site

*waiting for english translation on how to join

[SJ] Newest Announcement dated 20081118

[SJ] Newest Announcement dated 20081118


2008-11-18 19:45:12

Dear All Members:
Thanks for all your continuous supports and endeavors to StarJerry for the past years. Your precious comments and advice has always been a great force for us to learn and grow. Again we are much appreciated.

As the new year is coming, StarJerry will conduct internal innovation from now on. From Nov. 18, 2008, we will suspend recruitment for new memberships and continuance for old memberships, until the day we resume and make public announcement. (Japan area belongs to other internal system, and therefore is excluded to above.)

Except for the suspension of new recruit and continuance of the old memberships, the current membership service will still continue as usual. New information will be updated on the StarJerry website. Please keep eye on our announcement.

Also to avoid the confusion of the internal innovation in this period, please do not make remittance to StarJerry’s account. Shall there be any inconvenience caused to you, please kindly understand.

In the meantime, we would like to announce a good news about the “Hong Kong Meeting”, which will be held in December. Please look forward to the StarJerry for details.

In the end, we appreciate very much for your long term encouragements. Your supports have been the forces that keep StarJerry move on. We will cherish every voice, word from all of our members. In future, there are still dreams to catch on, and hope you to join with us… Thank you!

Link Up at Tao Yuan Airport ~ 16th Nov 2008

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買菜阿桑沖沖回到家 Ah Sang rushed home after buying veggies
剛收到小米的電話 Got a call from Xiao Mi
她們鋼已經送完機 They have already sent Jerry off
旭已經入閘 Jerry has gone into immigration
有4個女助理隨行 There are 4 female assistants
(粉妮,克莉絲汀,日文翻譯,1不知名人)(Fenny, Christine, Japanese Translator and an unknown)
沒見到小丘 Didn’t see Xiao Qiu

旭今天戴黑色棒球帽 Jerry is wearing a black baseball cap
穿了在sj 拆禮物,粉絲送的那件白色連帽的a/f外套
Wore the white hooded Abercrombie & Fitch sweater that was shown on the SJ video when he unwrapped the presents
墨綠色多袋褲 Dark green cargo pants
大頭鞋 Boots

心情很好...多多微笑 Very good mood and smiles all the way
Heard that some Japanese fans especially flew to Taiwan to be with him on the same flight
還有,,今天送機很多人 Many came to send him off
還有豆導,林依晨都先進去 Director Dou and Ms Lin Yi Chen have arrived
旭是最後到.. Jerry is the last
粉妮去接旭下車 And the fans have gone over to see him alight from the car
Heard that there were reporters going along too but the fans didn’t see any

( 日本时间12:30 ) Japan Time 12:30
听说飞机降落成田机场了 Heard that the plane landed at Narita Airport
Jerry一路上一直在睡觉 Jerry was sleeping all the way
飞机停了 还在睡 ...( 传说中的赖床? 不不不 是赖机 )
Even when the plane landed, he was still sleeping (the legendary ‘can’t get out of bed’? No, no, no, it should be the plane)
有看到一家日本媒体到场了 Saw a Japan media crew arriving
机场工作人员刚刚有出来帮忙收礼物喔 The personnel at the Airport were helping to carry gifts just now

说等等会放到Jerry的车子上 Said that they will put them into Jerry’s car later
粉丝继续排队中... Fans are continuing to queue

剛跟若綸通過電話 Just got off the phone with Ruo Lun
她說現場太多人了 She said that there are many here
機場管理人員要她們到外面排隊 The Airport personnel wants them to queue up
因為人數太多,說現在大約有1000人 As there are too many people, about 1000 or so
排隊的把機場外都圍一圈了 The queue extended one whole round outside the Airport
而且現在日本正在下雨 It is raining now in Japan
I’m getting worried if they can see Jerry when they are on the outside
她說放心, 等下會再讓她們進去的 She said not to worry as they will be allowed in later on
現在進到裡面去 They are going in now

跟YUKI聯絡 Contacted Yuki
她說,現在都進去了She said that they are going in now
通道上滿滿的人 The passageway is filled with people
大家都被安排好位置不能走動 Everyone is allocated a place and cannot move around
現在有一家媒體在拍現場的日本旭迷 A TV crew is shooting the Japanese fans
Everyone hurriedly takes out their plague cards for them to shoot

若綸電話 Ruo Lun called
她說馬上傳照片給我 She said that she will send me the photos
阿旭己出來,跟在台灣送機時一樣的衣服 Jerry came out and is wearing the same as that at the Tao Yuan Airport

有戴帽 Wearing a hat
因為是手機傳照片,所以應該會比較小 As the shots are from the phone so it should be smaller
YUKI說 Yuki said
她回家後會把照片貼上來的 She will post them when she gets home
大家期待哦 Just wait for that, everyone

匯報一下剛才日本機場情況 Reporting about the scenario at the Japan Airport
剛跟若綸和yuki通過電話 Ruo Lun and Yuki called
她們還在花痴中 They are still HCing {H=Hua 花C=Ci 痴 ie man crazy in Chinese}
電話裡傳來日本姐妹的笑聲 I could hear the Japanese gals’ laughter on the phone
阿旭這次出來時走的很慢很慢 When Jerry came out, he walked very slowly
慢到要走5分鐘 He took about 5 mins
阿旭心情特好 Jerry is in a great mood today
全程都笑的好開心 He was smiling all the way

日本姐妹好認真的數過了 The Japanese gals did a very careful count
一共有四次飛吻 He blew a total of 4 kisses
還不時揮手 Kept waving his hand

阿旭還走到日本旭迷的前面 Then he walked in front of the Japanese fans
然後自己轉身給媒體拍照片 And turned around to have the media take his photo
後來他自己覺得有些不好意思 Then he felt a little embarressed
就再把豆導和林小姐拉過來一起拍照 And he pulled Director Dou and Miss Lin for a shot

Yuki said that Jerry was like the host taking care of Director Dou and Miss Lin
這裡要說一下 Something to tell all of you
原來阿旭走到旭迷前的那一群旭迷 When Jerry walked to the front of the fans
當好是yuki坐在第一排 Yuki was in the front row
yuki說她幾乎可以伸手點到阿旭的背She said that she could almost reach out to touch his back
好幸福的yuki Yuki is so lucky

再說到,出來時候是林小姐先出來的 Miss Lin came out first
然後再阿旭走出來 Then Jerry walked out
因為阿旭走的很慢,自己也不好意思 He was embarrassed and walked very slowly
再把林小姐也拉回來一起走 Then he pulled Miss Lin backwards and they walked together
好像沒有看到fenny一起出來 Fenny didn’t come out together
但來了一些台灣媒體,跟著阿旭拍照 But the Taiwanese media took photos of Jerry

若綸和yuki再三強調 Ruo Lun and Yuki emphasized that
阿旭今天超開心 Jerry is in a very good mood today
日本朋友也超滿意,大家都好開心 The Japanese fans are so happy and everyone as well

另外Another report
剛接到香港朋友的電話 Just got a call from a Hong Kong fan
原來她們去了台灣送機剛回來 They just returned from Taiwan
是在禁區送機的Send him off in the Restricted Area
禁區約有10位旭迷送阿旭 There were about 10 fans there
阿旭全程精神非常好 Jerry was very energetic throughout
全程笑哈哈 Laughing all the way

一路上,對旭迷的問話都有回應 Along the way, he answered all the fans’ questions
一直走到要上機的閘口 Up till he boarded the plane
阿旭跟每位旭迷拜拜 Jerry said bye bye to every fan
然後再走進幾步 Then he took a few steps
又再轉身跟送機的朋友躹躬拜拜 Turned around and said bye bye to the fans
Heard that Jerry’s workmates were also laughing all the way

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Ariel Lin to act Skip Beat

Ariel Lin to act Skip Beat, Saturday November 15, 2008 Taiwan

source: kojaproductions


One of Taiwan’s favorite actress, Ariel Lin, is going to star in a new drama with Jerry Yan.

This new drama will be titled “Extravagant Challenge”. Ariel Lin recently told the public that she wanted to act this new drama with Jerry Yan because he is very hard-working, and it seemed to have come true.

This new drama is an adaption from the Japanese manga and live action drama, Skip Beat. Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan will play the two leading roles. Ariel Lin will be Mogami Kyoko and Jerry Yan will play as Tsuruga Ren.

Directors wanted Joe Cheng to play one of the lead roles, but Jerry Yan took it. There will also be a press conference on November 17, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

There hasn’t been sneak peeks of this new drama, but there is more to come. This new drama will air on 2009.

thanks to Jacinta @ OnlyF4

Jerry Yan exclusive phone interview ~ 7th Nov 2008

Jerry Yan jokes that he plays basketball like a construction worker but praises Wu Zhun as a macho muscle-man!

黄靖晶长途电访(台北)Taipei Telephone Interview by Huang Jing Jing

言承旭, 罗志祥, 吴尊三大帅哥合演的台湾偶像剧《篮球火》。言承旭说, 吴尊最帅, 罗志祥最皮, 自己最让人捉摸不定!
The three handsome guys Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zhun are starring in the Taiwanese Idol serial ‘Hotshot’ together. Jerry Yan said that Wu Zhun is the most handsome, Show Luo is the most mischievous and he himself is the toughest nut to crack! {ie he means he is difficult to understand.}

昨天, 言承旭为宣传于本地11月份播出的《篮球火》接受电访。
To promote ‘Hotshot’ which will be shown locally in November, Jerry Yan was interviewed over the phone yesterday.

有别他以往给人酷, 害羞, 少话的印象, 电话另一端的他健谈, 活泼, 风趣, 在场急着在访问结束后都问:“真的是言承旭吗?”
A departure from his previous image of being cool, shy and a man of few words, he was chatty, lively and humorous over the phone. When the interview ended, I was anxiously wondering, ‘Was that really Jerry Yan?’

谈到跟小猪和吴尊的合作, 言承旭说:小猪是很搞笑的大男孩, 他很可爱, 跟大家相处的都很好, 吴尊是很乖, 很优雅的绅士, 也很贴心, 例如有人在篮球场受伤, 他会关心对方, 并介绍他去哪里看医生。”
When asked about his collaboration with Xiao Zhu (nickname for Show Luo) and Wu Zhun, Jerry Yan said, ‘Xiao Zhu is very comical and very cute. Furthermore, he gets along with everyone very well. Wu Zhun is very obedient and a very gracious gentleman. He is very considerate of others too. If someone gets injured during the game, he would show his concern and even recommends a doctor. ’

三人中谁最帅?言承旭选吴尊, “他的体型很好, 打球的时候, 肌肉很有男人味!”
Who is the most handsome amongst the three? Jerry Yan chose Wu Zhun, ‘His body is in great shape. When he plays basketball, he is really a macho muscular guy!’

言承旭形容自己“最难以捉摸, 私下认识我的人会知道我很调皮, 但工作, 看剧本的时候, 我很认真, 严肃, 工作人员可能会觉得我的变化很大, 有时很酷, 所以不敢跟我讲话, 其实, 我也会跟化妆师, 工作人员玩耍。”
He describes himself as ‘someone who is hard to understand. Those who know me personally knows that I can be rather mischievous. But when I’m working or reading a script, I am very serious and austere. My crew members might feel that my temperament changes a lot. At times, I am very ‘cool’ so nobody dares talk to me but in fact I will play around with my make-up artiste and with the crew.’

论球技, 言承旭自认不如吴尊, '我们私下有打球, 他打的比我好, 而且他在文莱还是国家队选手。”
Jerry Yan admits to lose out to Wu Zhun in basketball skills. ‘In private when we play, he is better than me. Actually he was a member of the National Team in Burnei.’

比较周杰伦打球也要耍帅, 言承旭感觉自己像是“打球工人”, “我跟周杰伦打球时, 他很会耍帅, 我则不会主意自己好不好看, 而是主意怎样得分, 我比较像认真的'打球工人“哈哈!!”
Even when playing basketball with Jerry, Jay Zhou wants to act cool. He feels that he is like ‘construction worker ball player’. ‘When I play with Jay, he will do all sorts of ‘cool’ shots but I won’t pay attention to whether I look good or not. My attention is on how to score so in comparison, I’m like a construction worker ball player who is serious about his work.’

班上的开心果 The clown in class

言承旭在《篮球火》角色比以往的搞怪, 还会挤眉弄眼, 他说:“我也想尝试有趣的角色, 而且我私下是顽皮的人, 开始可以接这个角色, 有一场戏, 小猪在球场跌倒, 我就跑过去抱住他的脚拖他走 ,这是我临时想到的搞笑效果。”
The character that Jerry Yan plays in ‘Hotshot’ is more comical than before and it has him makes faces as well. He said, ‘I want to try more interesting roles. Furthermore in private I am a rather mischievous person so I could take to the role. Like in one scene when Xiao Zhu fell down, I ran over and dragged him by his legs. That was something I thought up on the spot.’

念书的时候, 言承旭更是班上的开心果,“有时老师说了一些话, 我故意回一些话, 让全班大笑, 当时我的人缘很好, 但也很顽皮, 是个古灵精怪的学生。”
During his school days, he was in fact the class clown. ‘When the teacher said something, I would rebuke on purpose and the whole class would be roaring in laughter. I was very popular then and very mischievous like an odd-ball pupil.’

自 11月15日起, 篮球火每逢周六晚上7时在都会台播映。
‘Hotshot’ will be televising every Saturday at 7 on Starhub cable from the 15th of November.

My mother is the most important person in my life

为配合《篮球火》台湾电视台推出钥匙圈, 车票卡, 数位相框等商品, 其中卖的最好的是印有言承旭,罗志祥和吴尊的肖像抱枕, 如果让言承旭选, 他最想拥有哪一名女艺人肖像的抱枕?
To promote ‘Hotshot’, the Taiwan TV station had key rings, transit cards, frames and the best sellers were bolster covers with Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zhun. So if Jerry Yan were to choose which female artiste would he like to have on his bolster case?

言承旭想了一阵说: 我没有特别注意哪一位女艺人, 但我会注意女生的声音, 记得有一次唱卡拉ok, 朋友的女朋友唱歌时声音很尖, 她以为自己唱得很好听, 我觉得她很吵, 好像一些女生以为自己的声音很好听, 说话很大声, 其实小声点, 温柔些比较好。”
He thought for a while and replied, ‘I don’t pay attention to any artiste in particular but I will notice a lady’s voice. I remember I was at the Karoake once and the girlfriend of a friend had a very shrill voice. She thought she sang very well but I felt that she was very noisy. Like some ladies feel that their voices sound very nice and they speak loudly. Actually I think speaking softly and gently is better.’

上个月, F4到日本开演唱会, 言承旭在台上提到“生命中最重要的人”时, 忽然脱口说出“志玲桑'让大家猜想他想公开向林志玲示爱, 对此, 言承旭说; 那个人是我妈妈, 他来看我们的演唱会, 我即开心又难过, 因为我们这行压力很大, 妈妈一直鼓励我, 每次看到她, 都会想起他养育我的辛苦, 她的出现给我跟大的鼓励。
F4 had their concert in Japan last month. When he mentioned on stage of ‘the most important person in my life’, he suddenly said ‘Zhi Ling San’. So everyone’s guessing that he wanted to publicly declare his love for Lin Zhi Ling. Regarding this, he said, ‘That person is my mother. She came to see our performance. I was sad and happy all at once. In this line, we are under a lot of pressure and my mother has been always encouraging me. So every time when I see her, I think of how hard it was for her to bring us up. Her appearance gave me a lot of encouragement.’

Jerry Yan is taking a new serial and is also preparing for his new solo album. Three songs have been already recorded. He laughed saying, ‘It makes me happy just thinking about how the new songs don’t sound that they are sung by me.’



Hot Shot Summary Episode 15 and 16

Episode 15

Episode 16 (Last Episode)

Yan Cheng Xu, ZZ -Copyright Sale Per Episode: 1 million

If transferring, please no alternation of my post, as the readers in TW were misleded by the news and I don't want overseas fans are treated the same. Thanks.
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Nov. 7, 2008
China Times

Yan Cheng Xu, ZZ -Copyright Sale Per Episode: 1 million
May Compete on Gong Shi

It was reported that the 2008 Taipei Film and Drama Festival was held on Nov 6. Both the copyright sales of Yan Cheng Xu and ZZ's dramas have reached about 1 million (about US$30,000) per episode. As it is possible that Yan Cheng Xu's Starlit will be broadcasted on Gong Shi (a public channel in TW), Yan and ZZ may compete for better ratings on the same channel in the future.

(next 2 paragraphs were about ZZ's new drama, only extracted the important information)
"the executive producer of Jerk and Hero stated, '...We have started establishing the marketing plan for overseas copyright, and it is planed to be broadcasted on Gong Shi in April next year.' "

Regarding Yan Cheng Xu's Starlit, its poster was also posted at CCTV's booth, and Gong Shi is very interested in getting its broadcast copyright in TW. In addition, Skip Beat, will be played by Yan Cheng Xu and Lin Yi Chen, will start filming later this month. As their popularity is high overseas, there were a lot of requiry as well.

kkla: The title and the first paragraph were totally misleading. According to the executive producer of Jerk and Hero, they only ask for the price of US30,000 per episode, but for Jerry's Starlit, the overseas broadcast copyright was successfully sold for US30,000 per episode even before it started filming. We all know that there is a big difference between asking for a price and actually sold it with the price. I don't care what kind of marketing strategies others use, as long as they don't attach/use Jerry with their plan.

Also, heard from fans in TW, Gong Shi is a public channel that it doesn't concern about ratings at all and usually it is more interested in the dramas which are more educational/meaningful. However, the size of audience may be smaller than CTV/CTS'.

For the general idol drama audiences, Starlit may not be as "tasty" as others, as it does not include a lot of outrageous/funny or sexy scenes. However, if it is broadcasted on Gong Shi, may be audiences will paymore attention on Jerry's acting.

Jerry Yan Schedule in Japan Presscon for Skipbeat


credits:cosimosi @jerrys harbor

Nov 16~ arrival in japan
Nov 17~ Skip Beat prescon in Tokyo..

Female lead of this series is the ONE AND ONLY BEST ACTRESS OF GOLDEN BELL --

Vote for Hot Shot

Vote for Hot Shot
2008 Most Influential Drama

Jerry Returned to Taiwan

credits to
October 21, 2008

I think yesterday's news was released by JVR. It was reported that Jerry has gone back to TW after the concerts. He had received over 8 boxes of special gifts from fans in Japan. He reminded staff to take good care of the gifts, as he brought them all back to TW, so he needed to pay $20,000 extra fee for the luggage. During his 1-month stay in Japan, Jerry either worked out in the gym or rehearsed for the concerts. When he stayed in the hotel, he ate buckwheat noodles day after day. When he went out, he loved noodles again, but this time is ramen. He was able to go from one ramen-noodle restaurant to another.


HS Ep 13 Teaser

Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality

Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality

Concerning how Jerry Yan is referred to as "Tortoise Hair" and "Hard To Please", Jay Chou has a different interpretation of it: "He has a lot of his own views, he has a lot of demands on some details, I can understand this being a Capricorn, he has the personality of an artist." yet he expressed that Jerry Yan shouldn't reject people calling him "Violent Dragon", Jay Chou said: "His performance in "Meteor Garden" was very colourful, for people to call him Violent Dragon, it means he was very successful in his acting in the drama."

In the new album "Capricorn", Jay Chou challenged the duet he did with Fei Yu Qing with a "man to man duet" with Gary Yang called "Wandering Poet", plus mixing the duet with Mandarin and Taiwanese produced a fresh effect. Jay Chou expressed that next he hopes to work with Jerry Yan in dramas, he said: "Jerry Yan's performance in dramas is a bit more popular, he can even break into the foreign markets."

read more here

Weekend Sale + Late Comers = Batanes

It's a mall-wide sale everywhere from Ortigas to Makati and to every mall outside Metro.

We are supposed to attend Jerry Yan Phils event unfortunately we arrived late but Thanks for the giveaways ...

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Stupid Youtube terminates my account!

Stupid Youtube terminates my account!

What the hell...I don't get the logic. All clips i made were terminated including my account.
I only uploaded few self-made clips, Yet deleted some others that claimed that the materials were "copyrighted"

OK, it's ok.

I have wherein i stored all my files.

So I won't be coming back to Youtube.




Jerry's hitomi wo tojite ~ F4 Japan Concert 2008

credits to kym @


作詞:平井堅 作曲:平井堅 編曲:亀田誠治

朝目覚める度に 君の抜け殻が横にいる
ぬくもりを感じた いつもの背中が冷たい
苦笑いをやめて 重いカーテンを開けよう
眩しすぎる朝日 僕と毎日の追いかけっこだ
あの日 見せた泣き顔 涙照らす夕陽 肩のぬくもり
消し去ろうと願う度に 心が 體が 君を覚えている

Your love forever
瞳をとじて 君を描くよ それだけでいい
たとえ季節が 僕の心を 置き去りにしても

いつかは君のこと なにも感じなくなるのかな
今の痛み抱いて 眠る方がまだ いいかな
あの日 見てた星空 願いかけて 二人探した光は
瞬く間に消えてくのに 心は 體は 君で輝いてる

I wish forever
瞳をとじて 君を描くよ それしか出来ない
たとえ世界が 僕を残して 過ぎ去ろうとしても

Your love forever
瞳をとじて 君を描くよ それだけでいい
たとえ季節が 僕を残して 色を変えようとも
記憶の中に君を探すよ それだけでいい
なくしたものを 越える強さを 君がくれたから

English Phonetics of Japanese Lyrics

asa mezameru tabi ni
kimi no nukegara ga yoko ni iru
nukumori wo kanjita itsumo no senaka ga tsumetai
nigawarai wo yamete
omoi ka ten wo akeyou
mabushisugiru asahi
boku to mainichi no oikakeko da
ano hi
miseta nakigao
namida terasu yuhi kata no nuku mori
keshi sarou to negau tabi ni
kokoroga karada ga
kimi wo oboete iru

Your love forever
hitomi wo tojite
kimi wo egaku yo
sore dake de ii
tatoe kisetsu ga
boku no kokoro wo
okizari ni shitemo

itsuka wa kimi no koto nani mo kanjinaku naru no kana
ima no itami daite nemuru hou ga mada i kana
ano hi
miteta hoshizora
negai kakete
futari saga shita hikari wa
mabataku ma ni kieteku noni
kokoro wa karada wa
kimi de kagayaiteru

I wish forever
hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo sore shikade kinai
tatoe sekai ga boku wo noko shite sugisarou to shitemo

Always my love
Your love is always in my heart
You're my everything

Your love forever
hitomi wo tojite kimi wo egaku yo sore dake de ii
tatoe kisetsu ga boku wo nokoshite iro wo kaeyou to mo
kioku no naka ni kimi wo sagasu yo sore dake de ii
nakushita mono wo koeru tsuyosa wo kimi ga kureta kara
kimi ga kureta kara

(Sonymusic 中譯 Chinese Translation )
輕閉雙眼 ~ Close your eyes gently
每當早晨醒來 Every morning when I awake  
你脫下的軀殼總在身邊 Your body is always next to mine

過去總能感受到你背後的溫暖 I used to feel the warmth of your back 
今天卻是一陣寒冷 But a chill came upon me today

停止苦笑 Stop smiling bitterly 
拉開沉重的窗簾 Pushing aside the heavy curtains 
炫目的朝陽 The brilliant morning sun
每天追趕著我 It hurries me every single day

那天 On that day
讓你見到我哭泣的臉 I let you see my teary face
眼淚映照著夕陽 The sun was reflected upon my tears
每當我祈禱著能夠卸下肩膀上的溫暖 I pray every time that I could let down the warmth on my shoulders

我的心與身體 My heart and body 
卻都牢記著你 Remembers only you

Your love forever
輕閉雙眼 Close your eyes gently
在心中描繪你的樣子 I have drawn you in my heart
這樣就好 This is fine actually
不管季節將我的心置於不顧 So no matter how the changes of season pay no heed to my heart

有一天對於你的事 The thing about you would one day
我將會失去所有的感覺吧 Be where I might lose all feeling for it
所以現在我仍然懷抱著這痛苦入眠 Yet now I still embrace my pain to sleep
也無所謂 It still doesn’t matter

那天我看到的星空 When I saw the starry skies that day
許下了願 Made a wish
兩人一起探尋那光芒 The two of us were searching for that light
雖然瞬間就消失了 Though it disappeared in an instant
我的心與身體 My heart and body
都因為你而閃耀 All shine because of you

I wish forever 
輕閉雙眼 Close your eyes gently
在心中描繪你的樣子 I have drawn you in my heart
我只能如此 I can only do so
即使世界把我留下置於不顧 Even if the world abandons me

Your love forever
輕閉雙眼 Close your eyes gently
在心中描繪你的樣子 I have drawn you in my heart
這樣就好 This is fine actually
儘管季節將我的心置於不顧 So even if the changes of season abandon me
自顧自的改變顏色 I shall change the colours on my own

我搜尋記憶中的你 I have searched for memories of you
這樣就好 This is fine actually
超越了失落而獲得的堅強 To go beyond sadness and gain resilience
是你給我的 This is what you have given to me
是你給我的 This is what you have given to me


作詞:平井堅  作曲:平井堅

......... 朝目覚める度に ....................... 君の抜け殻が横にいる
a sa me za me ru ta bi ni mi no nu ke ga ra ga yo ko ni i ru

......... ぬくもりを感じた.................... いつもの背中が冷たい
nu ku mo ri o ka n ji ta .........i tsu mo no se na ka ga tsu me ta i~

......... 苦笑いをやめて............. 重いカーテンを開けよう
ni ga wa ra i~o ya me te ..........o mo i ka te no a ke yo u~

......... 眩しすぎる朝日........................ 僕と毎日の追いかけっこだ
ma bu shi su gi ru a sa hi ku to ma i ni chi no o i ka ke ko da

あの日......... 見せた泣き顔 ............ 涙照らす夕陽 .................. 肩のぬくもり
a no hi.......mi se ta na ki ga mi da te ra su..........yu u hi ka ta no nu ku mo ri

...... 消し去ろうと願う度に.................... 心が............... 体が............. 君を覚えている
ke shi sa ro u to ne ga u ta bi ni.......ko ko ro ga.......ka ra da mi o o bo e te i ru

Your love forever
your love forever

...... 瞳をとじて.......... 君を描くよ................ それだけでいい
hi to mi o to ji mi o e ga ku re da ke de i i

..... たとえ季節が ............ 僕の心を.......................... 置き去りにしても
ta to e ki se tsu ku no ko ko ro o.................o ki za ri ni shi te mo

........ いつかは君のこと........................ なにも感じなくなるのかな
i tsu ka wa ki mi no ko to..... ni mo ka~n ji na ku na ru no ka na

..... 今の痛み抱いて............ 眠る方がまだ ....................... いいかな
i ma no i ta mi da i mu ru ho u ga ma da.........i i ka na

..... あの日........... 見てた星空 ............... 願いかけて............... 二人探した光は
....a no hi........mi te ta ho shi zo ga i ka ke te ta ri sa ga shi ta hi ka ri wa

......... 瞬く間に消えてくのに
ma ta ta ku ma ni ki e te ku no ni

.......心は............... 体は ............ 君で輝いてる
ko ko ro wa ..... ka ra da wa ..... ki mi de ka ga ya i te iru

I wish forever
I wish forever

....瞳をとじて................. 君を描くよ............. それしか出来ない
hi to mi o to ji te mi o e ga ku yo re shi ka de ki na i

たとえ世界が................ 僕を残して ................ 過ぎ去ろうとしても
ta to i se ka i ga ku o no ko shi te ..... su gi sa ro u to shi te mo

Your love forever
your love forever

....瞳をとじて ................ 君を描くよ .......... それだけでいい
hi to mi o to ji te mi o e ga ku yo re da ke de i~i

...たとえ季節が .............. 僕を残して .................. 色を変えようとも
ta to e ki se tsu ga ku wo no ko shi te .....i ro wo ka e yo~u to mo

ki o ku no na ka ni ki mi o sa ga su yo re da ke de i~i

...なくしたものを ............ 越える強さを
na ku shi ta mo no o ..... ko e ru tsu yo sa o

ki mi ga ku re ta ka ra

ki mi ga ku re ta ka ra

HS BTS Ep 11

credits to daomisyel @

HS Ep 11 - YDY's Dream Wedding

DFX-Jie Er and YDY

Summary of Episode 11

F4 Japan Concert Updates

Hi guys
Our forum will be giving you updates on F4 Concert in Japan

Will be posting here as soon as possible. Thanks. Jia You, Fsz!

Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 26, 2008 - TW Apple Daily

It was reported that Japan's magazine, Woman Weekly, used Jerry's photo as the cover, although Jerry and the other 3 members posted together for the media in the press conference. Furthermore, Japan's media use the phrase "Yan Cheng Xu's group" to introduce F4. It is obviously that the media in Japan love Yan Cheng Xu more than the other three members. Regarding this, JVR replied with a low profile, "He is busy at rehearsing, so we don't know whether he has seen it."

F4 will have 7 concerts in Japan. They have arrived at Japan and secretly practised for 10 days. Ken will dance, Vanness will perform with a band, and ZZ will perform with 3D technology. For Jerry, other than dancing, he will perform something that can fully show his charm.

For the last 10 days, Jerry has eaten buckwheat noodles every day. Others thought that he is on diet. Actually it is because he loves buckwheat noodles. Other than buckwheat noodles, at first he also wanted to go to a spa/Japanese-style bath?, but as there are housewife fans waiting for him wherever he goes, he stays in his hotel room for watching DVDs instead.

Thanks selina15's for the newspaper scan. It seems like the picture is one of wonderful photos in his newest 2009 calendar.

Credits to


2008 September 26, Friday
By: Aster Amoyo
If I Know


ASIANOVELAS will still be a big hit until 2009. “Hot Shot” will be coming soon to ABS-CBN. The Asianovela is still airing on Taiwan and it is scheduled to air on ABS-CBN next year.

People's Journal

Thanks to KCZhu

Jerry Updated His Blog

At long last. I was so excited when I read his blog.
He is so excited on the upcoming F4 Japan Concert.

You may read his entry on our forum.
Please take note that we are not allowed to repost it but since everybody is excited on what's happening. Am taking the risk and shared it with you.

Here's the link

Full Translation

source: UDN
translated by:

F4’s upcoming concert tours in Japan are taking place soon. Yesterday the 4 took some time out to hold a press conference in Tokyo. They announced that they will add 2 extra shows on Oct 3 and Oct 19, totalling 7 concerts, with over 80,000 fans attending.

Yesterday, during the press conference, in front of over 100 reporters, besides announcing the good news of 2 added shows, F4 also revealed details about each of their own solo performances. ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) said that to be different from their 2006 Hong Kong concert, this time he will use 3D images in his performance. Ken Zhu shyly said that he had taken up ZaiZai’s suggestion and will challenge tap-dancing. He said, “I am not good at dancing, so I am very nervous, but I will try hard to perform to the best of my ability.”

Talented Vanness Wu says that this time, besides planning even more outrageous dancing, he will also bring on an exclusive orchestra to accompany his performance. As for Jerry Yan, he says that this time, he does not plan to sing and dance at the same time, but rather he will focus on the music and feelings to touch the fans.

From the 3rd of October, F4 will hold 3 concerts at the Hokohama Arena, Tokyo Budokan Hall and Osaka Hall. The 4 will also live in Tokyo for some time, and when asked about what they want to do while they are there, Jerry praised Japan’s fruit. He said, “If I get the chance, I want to eat as many speciality fruit as possible.” ZaiZai smiled and said, “Because I don’t like leaving the house, now, whenever I leave the country, I like examining menus in different hotels, and then recommend to others, maybe I can release a book in the future.”

Ken said, “If I have some spare time from work, I will want to go to restaurant to eat, visit some bookstores and also go to a spa.” Vanness however, is the opposite and he says, “To maintain a good figure, if I have time, I will exercise. Lately, everyday in the morning, I will go to restaurant and eat 10 boiled eggs.”

UDN, september 19

rough translation by daomisyel @

UDN, september 19

Ken said Zaizai accepted the biggest challenge to do a "tap show"
He said "am not good at dancing, am so nervous but i will do my best"

F4 will stay longer in Japan and asked what they are going to do when they have free time:

Jerry said - he wanted to taste Japan's specialty fruit
Zaizai said - i don't like to go out, i'll order in hotel room service instead
ken said - when there is free time, then i'll go out and eat at the restaurants, go to some bookstores and look for some hot springs
vanness said - in order to maintain my physique, i'll exercise and order a soft-boiled eggs @ the hotel

F4 in Tokyo Presscon for Japan Concert

click the links to view the news, poster and photos. thank you.

[JAPAN ONLY] Pre-order : Jerry Yan 2009 Calendar

Delivery in Japan areas only.... :-[

2009 Calendar
Size : B2
Total : 7 pages (Two months per each page)
Price : JPY2,625 (tax included)

thanks to joyce @

2009 Desk Calendar

Size : approx. 12 cm x 21 cm
Total 13 pages (one month per each page)
Price : JPY2,100 (tax included

My Angel - HS Self Made MV

My Angel - HS Self Made MV
edited by daomisyel

F4 in Japan Updates

Gabe will be going to Japan on 17 Sept for F4 rehearsal & concert tour


thanks to Michi @ Only F4
I think Jerry is in Japan now, as a blog owner from Japan wrote that Jerry had dinner with some staff in a Korean restaurant in Japan.

thanks to kkla @

Hot Shot Episode 8 - Summary

Sep 14, 2008 - China Times


Sep 14, 2008 - China Times

It was reported that GTV's upcoming drama, Skipbeat, has a lot of rumors and uncertainties. The "A caster, Yan Cheng Xu, who dominates the Idol Drama markets is a typhoon eye". Firstly, it was rumored that Joe Zhang rejected the role as his parts were decreased. On the 13th, it was again rumored that the director was changed. It was rumored that Yan Cheng Xu hasn't accepted the role but Dir Ju told the press that he's part of the cast, then Yan Cheng Xu had a problem with it. According to news, it is very likely that Dir Niu Cheng Ze, who is familiar with Yan Cheng Xu, may take over the project.

Skipbeat was adapted from a Japanese comic series. The planned cast included Yan Cheng Xu, Lin Yi Chen, and Joe Zhang. After Joe Zhang rejected the role, some other actors, such as He Jun Xiang, Ming Dao, etc..., were considered. As one of the main leads is unconfirmed, the director was changed, and it was rumored to all concern about Yan Cheng Xu. JVR indicates yesterday, "Never heard of it. Don't know about this matter." Dir Ju, who is consultant of the project now, clarified that there is no problem between Yan Cheng Xu and him.

Dir Ju stated that due to a scheduling problem (as he needs to work on Started With a Kiss 3), he needed to give up the project. However, he has longed to work with Yan Cheng Xu. He also mentioned, "My words were too preliminary. I said those words as he displayed desire to accept the project." But he didn't have hard feelings about it. "As the big environment is so bad already, there is no point to become enemies in the show business." According to source, Yan Cheng Xu has had happy discussion with Skipbeat's production team. GTV indicates that 12 episodes of scripts are ready and it will start filming in Nov.

Yan Cheng Xu has hidden from the camera for a while due to the Oct concerts in Japan. He has already finished recording 9 new songs and he completed taking photos for his 2009 calendar which will be released on 17th in Japan. This year, he changed his image to show his "macho" side. He plans to show his dancing skills in the upcoming concerts. ZZ has dyed his hair to bright purple for the concerts.

================================================== ===
kkla: BTW, They Kissed Again's fans said that Dir Ju's project should be Kissed SP, but not series #3.
Blaming Jerry again? I don't know that Jerry is so powerful that he can change the director. If there was a problem, why would Dir Ju stay being the consultant? Regarding Zhang, he and Lin are working on another project now shortly after They Kissed Again. It is more likely to be GTV and/or investers' decision to have new combination of cast, so audience won't get tired of it.