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Jerry has had the flu for more than 2 months

Mar 14, 2008
China Times

According to China Times, Jerry has had the flu for more than 2 months, and it led to his poor appetite and weight loss. For the last few days, as there were a lot of ball playing scenes, his energy was overdrawn. The night before yesterday, when he was working during the middle of the night, he suddenly had vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Then he was admitted to the ER with his assistant. The doctor stated that it was stomach flu. Yesterday morning, he went to the hospital again for IV due to lack of energy. Then he called in sick to the Hot Shot production team and rested at home for 1 day.

Lian He Bao

Clips of Hot Shot filming with mostly Yan Cheng Xu were found to be posted on Youtube. GTV indicates that it will contact Youtube to delete the clips for now and urges fans not to expose the unbroadcasted clips to the public, in order to protect their idols.

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  1. Sometimes we suffer from such a disease in which we are not able to maintain a good appetite and due to which we also loose a lot of weight. We always wanted to loose weight but like this is not at all a good way of loosing weight. This affects the immunity of our body a lot.