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United Daily news has an article on Starlit.

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United Daily news has an article on Starlit.

its said that this joint-venture of China, Japan & Taiwan which have managed to get Jerry as its male lead is due to commence filming but Yan Cheng Xu & the 2 leading ladies has not signed the contract yet. so speculation is whether there are problems brewing. & the article mentioned abt the earlier fuss abt the leading ladies. & that Starlit is due to start filming in Shanghai on 1 May but YCX wont be there.

YCX is Taiwan No. 1 idol, his overseas market power is amazing. as long as any drama serial have him in it, overseas copyright sales will be extremely good. as such, out of 10 drama serials, 8 wld have his name as preferred male lead, its an intense battle. Starlit is CCTV 1st investment in a foreign idol drama, with Dir Lin invited to direct & Yan Shuai (Handsome Yan) as the main focus.

Jerry's agent said that there's still something pending to iron out b4 signing of the contract & its not connected to the script or the leading ladies. that bcos of HS delay in completion, some of Jerry''s scheduled works were affected & need to be coordinated with Starlit schedule.

Terri's agent said that Terri will be going shortly to Shanghai for filming while Alice's agent said that Alice will be joining in early May.

Starlit spokesperson, Ms Wang, said she is unclear abt the contract issue. & that filming is planned to be separate filming 1st, with Terri's scenes being

HotShot Trailer (HK)

HotShot Trailer (HK)

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Heard that Hot Shot will be broadcasted on July 27 in TW. When fans watched HK TVB the other day, they saw ads of upcoming projects include Hot Shot which will be broadcasted in HK in August on HK TVB's J2 channel (free).

Just Lurking Around LOL

Nothing so much to say today. Well it's weekend So I have to say - Happy Weekend to everybody. Enjoy and Relax. I am just browsing when i saw these photos from different sites. Credits to them ofcourse! hehehe. (Jerry-Wu Chun-Show-Basketball of Fire/HotShots)

Ariel Lin praises Jerry Yan, possible collaboration with him in a new drama

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Ariel Lin hopes to collaborate with Jerry Yan in a new idol drama entitled "Skip Beat", she said that she wants to collaborate with those whom she hasn't worked with before, and plus, Jerry Yan is a really hard-working artist, so she does not need to be too worn-out. This is because she has met artists who were lazy, some of them could not even memorize the script well, while some of them only know how to look at themselves in the mirror.

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Jerry and Ariel Lin to work together?

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Today news articles also have about the possibility of Jerry & Ariel Lin working together & Ariel looking forward to it. when Ariel was warned abt Jerry's seriousness & perfectionist ways when it comes to work, Ariel replied that she's also the same when it comes to work, so they both shld have no problems together.

daomisyel: After seeing Zaizai and Ariel's new Cm. I guess it's ok if they'll (Jerry and Ariel) will work together. As we knew, right before BOF ... Ariel was the first choice for the main female lead =) what do you think?

Jerry's New Series - Starlit

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I hope that Starlit's broadcast promotion in Mainland China won't start until after Japan's concert on Oct. 17. According to news, F4 will start staying in Japan for preparation one month before the concerts. In other words, I hope that Jerry can finish filming Starlit by early September. Then he can focus on the concert preparation from early September to Oct. 17. Then the Starlit promotion will start in Mainland China afterwards. If it goes smoothly, it will be perfect. Will pray for him
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a1958 found a blog on sina ( owned by an artiste, Ding Hao, from Mainland China. In his blog, he mentioned that he would play Guan Ying's boyfriend in Starlit ( kkla: So, Guan is going to play Xiao Lu and Zhen will play Cheng Yue's sweetheart from youth), and he would be the only male main lead (or male major actor) from Mainland China in the drama. He stated that the filming should start by late April and early May, and he hopes that the ratings will be good when it is broadcasted on CCTV in October. He also mentioned that he attended a celebration party by CCTV sometime ago, as Starlit broke CCTV's record. Why? Starlit's domestic and overseas broadcast copyright has been sold out even before the filming starts.

( kkla: Wonder why? hahaha... ) BTW, Mainland China's official release press conference will be held in Shanghai in June.

SJ Announcement on F4 Japan Concert Tickets

SJ Announcement ( English Version )

21 April 2008


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two online clips of Starlit press conference on 7 April 08

There're two online clips of Starlit press conference on 7 April 08.

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Jerry Updated His Blog

Jerry updated his blog
Unfortunately, SJ changed the site already. So non-SJ members won't be able to access it.

To all SJ Members, Logon first to starjerry to read his blog updates.

I think it's ok for HIM to restrict his blog because as we know Media kept on following him even on his official site. Don't worry i'll try my best to share it with you. Opppss, Screencapture is not allowed ...Nor copying the entire post ... I don't know what to do! hahaha!

Anyways, His post was all about bento boxes. He even asked us to discuss our own bento boxes in his forum. He posted 3 delicious foods in bento boxes. He said Taiwanese bento is nice and simple ... His crew prepared bento boxes when they filmed BOF.

Hmmm, am craving for bento ..whatchatink sisters?

Apr 6, 2008, TW Apple Daily

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Apr 6, 2008, TW Apple Daily

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It was reported that the male main lead, Yan Cheng Xu, was absent from HS' celebration dinner. What happened? Actually, he had a dentist appointment. Two nights ago, Yan Cheng Xu was seen by a reader at a dentist's clinic. After the reporter arrived, he was noted to stay in the clinic for 90 minutes. He wore a cap, tee shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes with a backpack, just like a passerby. He even kept his cap low and appeared to be afraid of being recognized.

According to source, he did a root canal sometime ago, but the procedure didn't go well, and he continued to have the toothache. At first, he concerned that it was not convenient for public figure to see the dentist, so he tried to hold on to it as long as possible. Until Show introduced a good dentist to him, he finally made the appointment. However, this dentist is too popular that even though he made the appointment one month ago, he was not able to see him until two nights ago, the same time as HS' celebration dinner. Yesterday, through his agent, he indicates, "The toothache had lasted for a long time and I didn't see the dentist. Then, Luo Zhi Xiang introduced a wonderful dentist to me, but it is so difficult to make an appointment. Finally, the appointment was set one month ago. I have to go."

After seeing the dentist, he left with his assistant. At the same time, some Jerry fans waited for him at the location of the celebration dinner and they were not able to see him. Actually, Yan Cheng Xu had a toothache that he was not able to enjoy any dinner.

skipped the last paragraph about Wu and Show pretended to kiss at the dinner.
daomisyel: Re the photo, i think it was an old photo because as we know that Jerry's hair NOW is short (hehe) ...