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It took me days to decide on which template will I use on my Jerry Yan Philippines Blog. Until i saw this very simple template and decided to change my Summer theme into a Simple and Formal One. I still don't have photoshop, or shall I say, I still have No computer at home!

Anyways, Hope you like it. Thank You for visiting my blogs. Will try my best to update it.

Here's the link

-All time favorite videos are now available on my JYP blog. No need to click for a new window, Just click on the menu and scroll from left to right to choose your favorite videos
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-The Simple, The Better - From Now on, I am not going to add anything that will slow down the loading of my blog. (for you to be able to read the latest updates easily)
-No more tagboard - I noticed spammers keep on visiting and tagging. Nonsense. Better leave a message on the comment page if you want to say something.
-Blog Roll - Will try to add all links related to Jerry, especially forums/sources. If you have a blog related to Jerry please PM me, I'll add your link to my blog roll.

Am still thinking on reformatting all my blogs including our lounge. Jia You For Me! hehehe!

Have a Nice Weekend

Jerry Yan joins Jay Chou, planning to invite Andy Lau to film ...

Jerry Yan joins Jay Chou, planning to invite Andy Lau to film ...
... it's a movie about magic, he wants to invite Andy Lau who like him also likes magic. JVR which Jay Chou has invested in, yesterday announced that they are taken over Jerry Yan's agency matters, Jerry Yan has become an artist under.
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Related News, and Starlit Updates

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On yahoo, Ciciny found a news article just released by Jie Wei Er (Mr. Yang and Jay's agency/company) that although they have not signed any contract, Jie Wei Er started managing Jerry's career since today. Mr. Yang indicates that Jerry has started filming Starlit in Shanghai. This is the first time he has filmed dramas in Shanghai. His arrival was delayed due to unsuccessful root canal treatment leading to infection.
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kkla: err... Jerry wrote in his blog that he was suffered from wisdom teeth growing.

Starlit Updates by

A member posted on Tianya (a popular bbs in Mainland China) that Jerry was spotted filming Starlit today in front of a Pizza Hut.

Jerry went t o Shanghai for Filming

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Selina15 posted that Jerry has arrived at Shanghai and a lot of fans were able to shake his hands.

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Selina15 just posted that Jerry has just left TW to HK and then to Shanghai. Although he wore a mask and cap, he seemed to have good mood. When fans reminded his assistant to take good care of him, Jerry smiled on the side.

(Photos are Not Allowed to post, You may visit or Jerry Yan Philippines Yahoogroups) *winks soweee

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Sisters asked him whether his toothache is gone. He said no, still hurts. I remember in Ami's previous message, she mentioned that the doctor/dentist asked Jerry to rest. Wonder what reason why the toothache is not resolved?


When Jerry arrived at Shanghai last night after 11 something, a group of 5 to 6 staff and 3 security guards picked him up. Note that the tee worn by the 3 security guards, it has "j" in front and "juicy music staff" in the back.

Yan Cheng Xu Vs Zhou Dong(Jay) in Kung Fu Dunk 2

credits to

May 24, 2008
TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Vs Zhou Dong(Jay) in Kung Fu Dunk 2
Become the Male Main Lead

According to the news article, Jerry will join the cast of Kung Fu Dunk 2 and become 1 of the 2 male main leads in the movie. The movie will be filmed in March to June next year in Shanghai and it will be released at the time of Chinese New Year in 2010.

Another Translation:

It appears that it is not 100% confirmed. The reporter did quote the producer's words that the discussion has reached the contract signing stage. The producer also indicates that both will be male main leads and they will be buddies to fight against crimes. Regarding Jerry's show business being managed by Jay's agent, Mr. Yang replied, "The discussion earlier was quite happy, so it can't rule out the possiblity that we will work together." I guess it is not 100% confirmed until the contract is signed or the press conference is held. Honestly, Kung Fu Dunk's director and story are not my favorite. Now the producer indicates that Jerry will work with Jay, another director, and a famous script writer, and I think this combination is something to look forward to. (posted by

Jay Chou plans to write disaster relief song, Jerry Yan asks for song collaboration pending

Before there were rumours that Jay Chou's JVR Music intended to work with Jerry Yan, letting "double J combine", Jay Chou expressed that the company asked his opinion before they started the discussions, he fully supports it, he also revealed Jerry Yan asked for a song from him through Will Liu, Jay Chou said: "I've heard Jerry Yan sing, it'll be okay if the range of the song is not written too broad, it's not hard to write."

Read entire article here

Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Zun Appealed to Fans

Recent News posted by kkla@

May 16, 2008
China Times

Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Zun Appealed to Fans
He Ren Dong and others being volunteers

(only translated Jerry's papagraph)
Yan Cheng Xu has made the contribution... His fans followed their idol's footsteps and answered his call to help the earthquake victims. and have initiated contribution plans. Yan Cheng Xu said, "Thanks a million to the fans. Very happy that we can make contribution and provide help together. I hope that each one of us can help the needed with our meagre forces."

Also, the newspaper scan showed that Jerry has donated NT$500,000 to TW Red Cross.

Let me check some other news ....

Always Open 7-11 CM

thanks to

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu earned 7 figures by trying to eat 10 kinds of cold noodles

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu earned 7 figures by trying to eat 10 kinds of cold noodles

May 8,2008
United Daily News

Yan Cheng Xu become 7 - Eleven newly appointed spokesmen.

7-Eleven announced yesterday Yan Cheng Xu, the number one Taiwan idol as their new spokesman for the fresh food products for this year. Yanchengxu first task is to sell the cold noodles.

His agent Wang Yu-Hsuan disclosed that Yan Cheng Xu not only loves eating the cold noodles but he also like to go to the kitchen and makes the cold noodles himself. Moreover Yan Cheng Xu is the kind of man that willing to go to the kitchen and prepares food for a girlfriend.

Yan Cheng Xu cold noodles TV advertisements have started broadcast vigorously in which showing him not only with an enchanting smile but also unfold the master chef skills by altering the sauce material, then stirring up to make it an extremely supple surface.
The shooting final result has extremely satisfied the product manufacturers and the cooperation has decided to print Yan Cheng Xu handsome photos on the cover of the package later. The manufacturer’s staff said: "After finish eating the product, fans certainly could not bear to discard the packaging. And if there are fans bringing back the packaging and come to have his signed?” Wang Yu-Hsuan laughed and said "That.., of course Jerry will countersign."

The Manufacturers indicated that, for the cold noodles rivalry this summer, they will promote and launch as many as 10 kind of cold noodles flavors for the customers taste choice selection. On behalf of manufacturer and product, Yan Cheng Xu as the spokesman has fulfilled his responsibility to test taste all the flavors, the conclusion "all are very delicious".

According to the understanding, Yan Cheng Xu 7 figures endorsement fee price as the product spokesman’s is reasonably anticipated considering to the ultra business proliferates the entire province and the marketing effect is extremely good.

Because of the hefty photographing session work, Yan Cheng Xu eats very casually. He indicated that during working hours, he usually eats lightly. It’s more convenient in order to concentrate on the task and have new advertisement promptly finished and published.

Ask for when to start filming Starlit in Shanghai? Because doing a drama beforehand and been delayed by it, Yan Cheng Xu at present needs to finish some unfinished commercial filming and album recording before resuming and focusing into the new work..

(online translation)

credits to myvi of asianfanatics

Jerry's Newest Endorsement - 7Eleven

Yesterday morning, t0922157 checked out the newspapers in the convenient store 7-11, and she found "Jerry" there.

Therefore, Yoa checked out 3 different 7-11s and she finally found "Jerry" as well. It seems like Jerry endorses for 7-11 for a short period of time and promotion of "buying Korean style kimchi cold noodle with i-cash card" is carried out at this time. If you happen to visit TW from 5/7/08 to 5/20/08, don't forget to check out 7-11 stores.

Per Yoa, if tranferring the pictures, please cite ""

I just saw a link from nbbbs, the CM is already available on Starjerry site. Members of SJ, please logon and go to the media section. You'll see a Chef Jerry ... and after the clip he's singing "Always Open, 7-Eleven" hahaha!!!

"HOT SHOT" - HOT Discussions!

Since Hot Shot teaser was shown @ ABS-CBN, I browsed some of our local forums and the discussions were really "hot!" ... Posters were really excited and happy. I would like to thank ABS-CBN (in advance) for the efforts made yesterday. I am still hoping to see the teaser online (anyone who has a big heart, please send me the clip!)

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for the Official Broadcast (Taiwan), let me share to you these links. If you have an account, you may join the discussion. I bet this will be a great hit soon!

JVKV - F4 Fan Forum

Jerry Yan Philippines

Basketball of Fire Thread in Tsinoy

Basketball of Fire Thread in Pinoy Exchange

Basketball of Fire Thread in ABS-CBN Forum

Abs-Cbn thread in Tsinoy

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Updates on Starlit

thanks to kkla@

Thanks Ciciny to transfer the information from Ding Hao's blog

According to Ding Hao, Starlit's filming has officially started on May 1, 8 am. CCTV's admin, Taiwan Mai Jie's 2 bosses, and they had a small ceremony/ritual to wish for good luck. As Jerry and Zeng Kai Xuan had to deal with some personal matters, they filmed the parts with Guan Ying and him first, and he said it was so tiring. No wonder Director Lin is famous of his fast pace, they always finish the day-time scenes by 3 something in the afternoon and start waiting for the night scenes to be ready. He just saw some films with preliminary editing and he commented "very nice". So he hopes when it will be broadcasted by the end of this year, fans can support.

P.S. According to the bosses, in November, Starlit will be broadcasted in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and some other Asian countries simultaneously. He also said that Jerry fans won't need to wait for too long and thanks for our support.

kkla: Why did he mention about Jerry fans? Haha... We all know that a lot of Jerry fans are "mamas and elder sisters" for Jerry (regardless of tour age). After Ding Hao's last entry on his blog, a lot of messages were left by Jerry fans to ask him to take care of Jerry as this is the first time that Jerry will stay in Shanghai for so long.

Being shoved aside by Angela Zhang? Ariel Lin angrily pulls out from starring in Paper Rose

Being shoved aside by Angela Zhang? Ariel Lin angrily pulls out from starring in Paper Rose.

There has been an uproar of cast controversies for CTV new idol drama, Paper Rose. Ariel Lin could possibly be removed from the cast list because of the filming schedules and the cast arrangement, and could be replaced by Angela Zhang. It is known that Ariel Lin felt annoyed about this, and bears the thought of retreating from the cast.

It is rumoured that the female lead has to be changed to suit Jerry Yan's schedules.

The drama originally appointed Ariel Lin, Bryant Chang and River Chen Chu He to take the leading roles, however, there have been a lot of controversies breaking out after that. SETTV was not happy with the fact that Fated To Love You's very own male lead, River Chen, was chosen to work with its opponent CTV. Later, there were rumours speculating that the crew disliked Bryant Chang, and wanted Jerry Yan as the male lead. They could even agree to postpone the filming date until next year, just to suit Jerry Yan's schedules, and to change the female lead from Ariel Lin to Angela Zhang.

Ariel Lin felt bitter about this speculation, her manager Zhou Mei Yu felt assaulted on behalf of her as well. According to inside sources, Ariel Lin has already discussed this matter with her manager, and they planned to retreat from this drama's cast list, as one of the problem solutions.

If the drama will not be filmed, it will affect the coaching fees.

If Ariel Lin really decided not to participate in Paper Rose, it will pose difficulty to CTV. The drama was scheduled to be filmed starting on June, if it is not done according to the schedule, CTV will not be able to apply for coaching fees in the future three years. One of CTV's directors, Chen Zhi Han, said that Ariel Lin has always been chosen as the female lead, and that they hope to be able to start filming on June.

Regarding to the matter, the drama producer said that cooperation has to depend on fate; this drama was specially designed to suit Ariel Lin. How about the final decision? Zhou Mei Yu refused to clarify about it in the mean time.
Source - Source: UDN Blog
Translated by Aspire @

Starlit Starts Shooting

It was reported that the filming of Starlit has officially started with Guan Ying in Shanghai, and Jerry will join the team in Mid May. Guan Ying's agent stated that the rumor of having problems with female leads was not heard and the production team had promised that Yan Cheng xu would absolutely join the cast.

(skipped the part about Guan's bringing a lot of TWese snacks to Shanghai)

Starlit will be broadcasted on NHK in November

In order to welcome the 2 special VIPs, Yan Cheng Xu and Gang Yin, the production team has prepared special transportation and security guards for them, and promised that filming will limit to fewer than 10 hours per day. As it will be broadcasted on NHK in Japan in November with one episode per week, 2 Japanese audio technicians were sent to Shanghai to make sure the sound quality reach the Japanese standards.

The producer indicates that the filming will take place in Shanghai for 2 months.


"HotShot" teaser at ABS-CBN

Hi friends.Have you seen "HotShot" teaser at ABS-CBN Yesterday?Friends told me it was shown in the morning and I saw it in the Evening.If anyone saw a clip, please leave a comment. Thanks!