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Jerry went t o Shanghai for Filming

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Selina15 posted that Jerry has arrived at Shanghai and a lot of fans were able to shake his hands.

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Selina15 just posted that Jerry has just left TW to HK and then to Shanghai. Although he wore a mask and cap, he seemed to have good mood. When fans reminded his assistant to take good care of him, Jerry smiled on the side.

(Photos are Not Allowed to post, You may visit or Jerry Yan Philippines Yahoogroups) *winks soweee

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Sisters asked him whether his toothache is gone. He said no, still hurts. I remember in Ami's previous message, she mentioned that the doctor/dentist asked Jerry to rest. Wonder what reason why the toothache is not resolved?


When Jerry arrived at Shanghai last night after 11 something, a group of 5 to 6 staff and 3 security guards picked him up. Note that the tee worn by the 3 security guards, it has "j" in front and "juicy music staff" in the back.

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